Bloodshot Cast, An Updated List

Bloodshot isn't part of the DC or Marvel universes, but he's still a popular comic book character in his own right. As such, he'll be getting his own big screen film adaptation that is looking to go toe-to-toe with the major comic book names that everybody knows. The film has been building up its cast in recent weeks in anticipation of filming getting underway soon.

Taking a look at the current cast list for Bloodshot, the film has brought on board a diverse set of actors and based on this list, it looks like Bloodshot may have the potential to be as good as any comic book movie thus far. Here's who's on board Bloodshot as of now.

Vin Diesel

Most important to Bloodshot is the title role, which is being handled by Vin Diesel. This will technically be Diesel's second big comic book role, though the first that actually allows him to be on screen. He has voiced Groot in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. He's also no stranger to action movies, or potential franchises, as he's been part of the Fast and Furious series as well as XxX and Riddick. Odds are everybody involved is looking for Bloodshot to become Diesel's latest multi-picture franchise.

Toby Kebbell

A comic book hero is only as good as their villain. For that role, Toby Kebbell is the pick. He'll play the role of the Harbinger called Axe. Kebbell splits his time between traditional acting roles and motion-capture performances. He did double duty in Kong: Skull Island, performing the mo-cap work for Kong while also playing an on-screen character. He's also been seen in the Warcraft movie and the most recent attempt at the Fantastic Four where he played Doom.

Lamorne Morris

Lamorne Morris is probably best known for his run on the Fox sitcom The New Girl. He also had a role in the recent hit Game Night and Adam Sandler's most recent Netflix movie Sandy Wexler. Morris' role in Bloodshot will be as a character named Wilfred Wigans who, according to Deadline, will be a young scientist who becomes an "unlikely ally" of Bloodshot. This appears to be an original character for the movie, so it's anybody's guess.

Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez probably got her best public exposure as part of the From Dusk Till Dawn TV series. Since then, however, she's begun to build a pretty solid resume on the big screen. She played the role of Darling in Edgar Wright's Baby Driver, and will next be seen in both the adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel and Robert Zemeckis' Welcome to Marwen both hitting screens in December.

Sam Heughan

While Sam Heughan resume for film and television goes back to 2001, he is clearly best known for his role as Jamie Fraser on the Starz series Outlander. His newest project puts him opposite Kate McKinnon and Mila Kunis in the comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me. At this point, Bloodshot looks to be his next project.

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen has a massive number of memorable roles in everything from Tron: Legacy to the Underworld franchise to Frost/Nixon. While Sheen could play almost any role in Bloodshot, he does seem to have a tendency to play villains in sci-fi/fantasy films, making one wonder if that's what this movie has in store for him as well.

Talulah Riley

Talulah Riley has been acting since 2003 but is best known for her current role on HBO's Westworld as Angela. Riley is reportedly on board Bloodshot to play the title character's wife, which, considering Bloodshot traditionally is a character with no memory, may not be a very big role, but it could also be one of key importance to the plot.

Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez probably isn't a household name unless you're an avid viewer of the Lifetime series UnREAL, but that makes his role in Bloodshot a pretty big deal for his career. Still, Hernandez has had numerous roles in film and television including many voice roles in animation and video games. Hernandez is reported to be playing a member of the scientific team responsible for turning Bloodshot into the superhuman killer he is.

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