Hasbro Responds To Power Rangers 2 Rumors

The Power Rangers with their helmets off

Studios are looking for any IP that they can turn into a money earning franchise, and one series that seems ripe with potential is Power Rangers. The classic multi-colored heroes were turned into a movie last year in the appropriately titled Power Rangers, which was intended to be the first in a series of films. However, the movie underperformed at the box office, and news of a sequel basically ground to a halt. Now Hasbro has acquired the entire brand, and the company issued a statement hinting that they were only getting started with Power Rangers, but there were no big plans for the near future.

We see tremendous potential for the Power Rangers franchise around our entire brand blueprint, including feature films. We have nothing specific to announce at this time, but please stay tuned for future news and updates around the Power Rangers brand.

In May, Hasbro acquired the entire Power Rangers brand, along with other entertainment brands including My Pet Monster, Popples, Julius Jr., Luna Petunia and Treehouse Detectives, from Saban in a deal valued at $522 million. The toy maker announced that consumers could expect to see the first line of products in the spring of 2019, and that big things were to come from Power Rangers. Hasbro has stated that it see's a "significant opportunity" for Power Rangers across all forms of entertainment, which left many to wager that that includes a movie.

Per Comic Book Movie, Hasbro issued a statement that revealed that they have nothing specific to announce, but that people should be on the lookout for Power Rangers related news in the future. But it's not a downright confirmation, so there's no guarantee that Power Rangers will return to the big screen anytime soon.

There's some debate as to whether a new Power Rangers movie would start from scratch or serve as a follow up to 2017's movie, but there are hopes that the latter is the case. While last years movie wasn't bad, it's tone was all over the place and suffered from not having any actual Power Rangers until the third act. But the inclusive cast was a highlight, and it'd be nice to see them get a second chance after some retooling. Plus, they set up the fan-favorite Green Ranger for a sequel, so people are excited to see that character one day.

Whether there's going to be a Power Rangers movie or not, you can bet that CinemaBlend will be watching for updates. Stick with us and we will update you with information as soon as it is available. In the meantime, there are plenty of other movies that are definitely coming to theaters this year. You can learn all about them in our handy 2018 movie release schedule.

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