The Back To The Future Cast Reunited And Great Scott!

Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future will always be one of those films that has an emotional and nostalgic hold on our hearts. A perfect trilogy, the series rode the wave of ideal casting and expert plotting to tell the charming story of a time-traveling California teenager and the wacky scientist who sent them both on an adventure for the ages. And while the rumors of a Back to the Future 4 routinely pop up, for now, we have to embrace the moments when the cast members reunite, as just happened over the weekend:

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Michael J. Fox posted this fantastic photograph of four members of the original Back to the Future cast on Instagram, showcasing himself (Marty McFly), Tom Wilson (Biff), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Lea Thompson (Lorraine) at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. They were all attending a panel at the Fan Expo Boston, signing autographs and reminiscing about the success of the franchise. And you could tell from the photos that the cast thoroughly enjoyed their time together as much as the fans did.

Naturally, the foursome was asked about possibly returning for Back to the Future 4, and reports that Tom Wilson explained:

Basically, I think America is saying, 'Come on they've wrecked every other franchise with bad sequels, why not this one? C'mon, we would watch it until it sucks.'

I can't say that I agree. With all due respect to the brilliant Tom Wilson -- who played Biff in numerous decades, nailing it as Biff in multiple generations... including an outstanding turn in the Wild West as "Mad Dog" Tannen -- the Back to the Future trilogy needs to be protected from the current craze of reboots, remakes, and sequels that are a long-time in development. Robert Zemeckis doesn't want to do it. Original screenwriter Bob Gale doesn't want to do it. And there's no young talent who'd be able to fill the legendary sneakers and hoverboard of Marty McFly, so don't even try. The closest that we got to a reunion was this amazing reunion with Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

And if you want to see the full panel from Boston, watch it right here:

It's great seeing the cast back together, but you don't want to see Back to the Future 4 either. Right?

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