Why Audiences Might Be Surprised By Some Of The Men's Thoughts In What Men Want

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What Men Want is sure to have a lot of surprises in store for audiences when it hits theaters next year, and you can count on at least one of those surprises being just what many of the movie's male characters are actually thinking. When CinemaBlend visited the film's set in May, star Taraji P. Henson noted that, if, for instance, you figured their thoughts would all be strictly sexual, you might want to think again.

Men are just as insecure as we are. I mean, I think the women sit back and they wait for the sexual stuff, 'Oh, he's going to talk about her tits and her ass.' They are very smart about the things they put on men's minds [in this movie]. So, I think you'll be surprised -- just like I am -- at the things that go through men's brains. You know, like this one guy, he's an assistant to another sports agent and his thought is, 'Give me a raise, you prick!' How many times have women said that?

So, it would seem that one thing What Men Want is going to do for audiences is put a spotlight on how men and women can actually be quite similar, at least where our private thoughts are concerned. The idea that men are just as insecure as women, and spend time worrying about how they measure up to others helps to even the playing field a bit and show that we really all want the same things out of life. As Taraji P. Henson mentioned when she spoke to us, even guys can be under-appreciated at work and get salty about it sometimes.

After watching the awesome trailer, you can see that Taraji P. Henson, who plays a sports agent trying to move up in the ranks as she is getting boxed out by her male colleagues in What Men Want, is absolutely correct that the men's thoughts in the upcoming comedy do lend plenty of surprises. By my count, only one of the men featured actually had a sexual thought that her character, Ali, could hear. And, he promptly got a pool cue to the groin thanks to our male thought-hearing heroine, so he might think twice before letting his mind go dirty next time.

Taraji P. Henson gives a lot of credit to those behind What Men Want for making sure the movie has a good variety of male thoughts for us to dig into. Just consider what it would be like to sit through this film, even as a comedy, and hear nothing but men's thoughts "about her tits and her ass." Forget about it not being much fun, it would probably get downright creepy before too long. Luckily for us, What Men Want is more interested in revealing some masculine insecurities than it is sex talk and some gleeful thoughts about strangers walking through fart clouds.

You can get the full scope of men's thoughts when What Men Want opens on January 11, 2019. Until then, be sure to check out our 2018 movie premiere schedule to see what else is coming to a theater near you.

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