Ryan Reynolds Had A Bonkers Original Pitch For Deadpool 2

Deadpool's Say Anything moment

Spoiler alert for Deadpool 2.

With three shared universes currently competing for box office dominance, there are plenty of superhero movies hitting theaters. As such, it can be hard for each new blockbuster to stand out among the crowd. That's one problem the Deadpool franchise doesn't have, as the fourth-wall breaking title character functions on a frequency all his own. Deadpool 2 helped to expand the world of the property, while also giving Wade Wilson a chance to grow and set up the eventual formation of the proper X-Force. But it turns out that Ryan Reynolds had another plan for the sequel, and it completely out of this world. As he tells it,

My first pitch to the studio was not met very well. I pitched them that for the sequel, the whole story of the movie would be Deadpool trying to steal the big, red chair from The Voice. And they were like 'That's just the dumbest thing ever.' But the second one, it was great because it was always fun to pitch to the studio.

Talk about a bold choice. The emotional story about loss and family eventually adopted for Deadpool 2 was probably the right choice, but you can't help appreciating how random Ryan Reynolds is willing to be. Even if that means basing the sequel around an NBC singing competition show.

Ryan Reynolds' comments from his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon will no doubt delight the many fans of the Merc with a Mouth. The Deadpool franchise stands out because it doesn't take itself too seriously, and is constantly going on comedic tangents. Making the highly anticipated sequel a giant The Voice gag is extremely on brand, but unfortunately didn't fare well with the folks over at 20th Century Fox.

Ultimately Deadpool 2 pivoted to a more emotional and character-driven story, although it was still thoroughly ridiculous. After Vanessa was killed in the film's first act, Wade Wilson was directionless and suicidal. This inspires him to finally join the X-Men, and hopefully find a family in the process. Deadpool might not have been ready to become a bonafide superhero, but he ultimately finds his tribe throughout Deadpool 2, including newcomers like Cable, Domino, and Firefist.

You can catch Ryan Reynolds' full conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show below.

It should be interesting to see what's next for Deadpool, and the crazy way Ryan Reynolds pitches his next installment. It looks like the character will likely pop up next in X-Force, with Drew Goddard attached to direct. But 20th Century Fox is keeping its cards close to the chest, instead focusing on reshoots for movies like X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants.

Deadpool 2 available on digital now, and will arrive on Blu-Ray August 21st. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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