John Krasinski Has Started Working On A Quiet Place 2

John Krasinski in A Quiet Place

The horror genre has been on a serious upswing, as the past few years provided new projects that are both critically acclaimed and box office successes. One of the most recent hits is A Quiet Place, which is directed, written by, and starring The Office actor John Krasinski. The thriller was Krasinski's big debut for film fans, and conversations about a possible sequel began as soon as A Quiet Place hit theaters in April of 2018. While the first movie seemed to have the perfect ending, A Quiet Place 2 is in the earliest stages of development. Krasinski himself has recently updated the public about that process, saying:

I've been tinkering with an idea for a few months and it just started to percolate and we're all really happy about it.

It looks like John Krasinski is floating a few ideas around for A Quiet Place's sequel. While this is far from anything specific, it's enough to get the movie's many fans psyched about the possible new installment, and return to the Abbot family.

John Krasinski's comments to ET might be vague, but it's exciting that the actor/director has at least begun to formulate potential stories for A Quiet Place's sequel. Of course, he's also extremely busy right now, as his Amazon series Jack Ryan was just released in its entirety. Filming and promoting his leading role in Jack Ryan has no doubt eaten his time, and taken away from any writing that could have occurred for A Quiet Place 2. When did Jim Halpert become such an overachiever?

It's unclear if John Krasinski is planning on focusing A Quiet Place's sequel on the same group of characters, but there are certainly plenty of places to go narratively. The film ended in the wake of Krasinski's character Lee dying, and his family suddenly taking some power in the apocalyptic world. Figuring out the monsters' sensitivity to sound, Emily Blunt's Evelyn is able to kill one of the monsters. The tide seemed to turn, as she cocked her shotgun, and dared to make noise for the first time.

While John Krasinski is returning in some capacity for A Quiet Place, fans are left wondering if he'll have an onscreen role-- especially as his character perished so brutally. But there is precedence for the use of flashbacks. The first film began with one such sequence, revealing how young Beau was killed by the monsters a year earlier. This narrative device could be used again in a possible sequel. Or Lee can stay dead, giving Krasinski the ability to solely focus on directing and writing the follow up project.

You can purchase your own copy of A Quiet Place now. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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