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Chris Pine as Kirk

Following the massive success of the MCU, plenty of shared universes and major blockbuster franchises are being created. And with the trend of nostalgia also influencing moviemaking, you'd think that the current Star Trek movie franchise would be perfect for moviegoers. Yet the future of the property is very much in jeopardy, as its unclear if a fourth Star Trek flick will ever make it to theaters. Development on the sequel seemed to screech to a halt, when a report indicated both Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine had ended talks, following a pay dispute. Now Pine has finally broken his silence about Star Trek 4. When he was asked about possible joining the project, Pine said:

I don't know. I mean, I'd love to be involved. We'll see what happens. I'll await the phone call. Until then, I look forward to it.

Well, this is certainly hopeful. While decidedly vague and a bit cagey, Chris Pine's reaction doesn't indicate that he's looking to end his tenure as James T. Kirk. That being said, it certainly seems possible that the salary dispute could stop him from returning to the role.

Chris Pine's comments to Variety will likely elicit a mixed bag of emotions from moviegoers and Star Trek fans. While he didn't confirm that he'd return to the franchise as its fearless leader, Pine also didn't indicate that talks had ended. If anything, the actor hinted that he didn't get a call yet. So either the earlier rumors were untrue, or Chris Pine is just playing coy. Only time will tell.

When Star Trek 4 was being developed, reports teased a time traveling adventure, where Chris Hemsworth would finally return to the franchise as Kirk's father after briefly appearing in the first movie's opening sequence. Actors as famous as Hemsworth and Chris Pine cost a pretty penny, so the Star Trek franchise would have to shell out cash in order to book the duo of stars. And while the movie could definitely continue without Hemsworth, it would be hard to envision a new Star Trek without Pine's Kirk.

The Star Trek franchise is in a fascinating place right now. Because while the small screen adventures like Star Trek: Discovery are massively popular, the film franchise is in a state of unrest. In addition to the precarious development of Star Trek 4, there is also a movie being developed by acclaimed filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. It's unclear if a new or old cast will be used, as the director is currently focused on filming Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. So for now we'll have to wait, and hope that Chris Pine can find an agreement to return to the Star Trek franchise.

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