Watch Julia Roberts Climb Into An Audience To Hug A Super Fan

50-year-old actress Julia Roberts is a cinematic icon who rose to fame on the brink of the '90s with her breakout roles in Mystic Pizza and Pretty Woman. After a decade of rising success, Roberts earned herself an Oscar for Best Actress in 2000's Erin Brockovich. The actress has continued to dazzle with a range of roles in rom-coms, action flicks and intense dramas. While at the Toronto International Film Festival, Roberts was in attendance for the premiere of her upcoming film Ben is Back and her first leading role in a television show with Homecoming. While taking audience questions for Homecoming, Roberts had a sweet encounter with a huge fan of hers, that had her leaving the stage to meet him. Take a look.

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As shown in the video from TIFF, Julia Roberts instantly got excited at the sight of fan Kenny Santana's t-shirt, as he stood up to ask her a question amongst the panel of Homecoming stars. Santana was rocking a shirt with the phrase "We are Family" on it, which Roberts shares and posted on her Instagram a few weeks prior. The shirt comes from Be Love Apparel and benefits the organization, Together Rising, which is working to reunite families who have been separated at the U.S.-Mexico border due to the immigrant crisis set off by the Trump administration. At the sight of a shirt symbolizing the "We are Family" campaign that Roberts is personally passionate about, she said to the fan, "what a good human you are!"

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The lovely moment also had the super fan telling Julia Roberts that he had been waiting for this moment for 28 years, meaning he has likely been a fan of hers since the very beginning when Pretty Woman made its way to audiences. On the top of that, he flew all the way from Indonesia to see Roberts, making the actress asking him to come on stage and then coming to him to give him a hug. Roberts brought him on stage to take a picture with him, interrupting the flow of the Q&A as Homecoming director and Mr. Robot creator, writer and director Sam Esmail, attempted to get another question in while she made her round to Santana. Of course, the audience was too enamored with the cute moment to move on.

Homecoming is a psychological thriller that follows Julia Roberts as caseworker Heidi Bergman as she works at a facility that treats soldiers returning from war, also starring Bobby Cannavale, Stephen James and Sissy Spacek, to premiere on Amazon Prime on November 2. One month later, Roberts will play mother to troubled son struggling with addiction, played by Lucas Hedges who surprisingly comes back home in Ben is Back which comes to theaters on December 7.

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