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Sometimes you just need to chill out and get away from the rat race of modern society to seek out spiritual renewal in Kamar-taj. Likewise, sometimes you just need a break from social media. Such was the case for Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson who left Twitter over the summer, in the wake of fellow MCU director James Gunn's firing over resurfaced offensive tweets. The director stayed on Instagram, but he has is apparently now ready to wade back in to social media's most treacherous waters. Scott Derrickson returned to Twitter. Take a look:

He never gave a specific reason for leaving Twitter-- other than it is Twitter. But after a bit of a hiatus, Scott Derrickson is back, much to the delight of fans. The gif in his return tweet is a clip from Cape Fear, showing the back of Robert De Niro's Max Cady. The tattoo shows the scales of justice with truth and justice perfectly balanced (as all things should be). Maybe this is Scott Derrickson's way of making a statement about his return and social media's role in objective truth. Or maybe he is hinting that Doctor Strange 2 will be a courtroom drama with Robert De Niro joining the cast. He is an MCU director, so such speculation is mandatory. Maybe it is just that he is back on Twitter, so why not show a gif of a back, makes total sense. Although the way he put the letters is a bit mysterious.

Scott Derrickson has historically been a great follow on Twitter for MCU fans, as he has frequently referenced Doctor Strange and teased certain things, in addition to giving his takes on film and TV. Also, like James Gunn, Scott Derrickson has been very outspoken politically on Twitter. So hopefully that doesn't cause any problems because the resurfacing of James Gunn's Tweets was a response to the political opinions he expressed online.

We've been waiting for some time to hear about if and when Doctor Strange 2 is going to happen, and if Scott Derrickson will return as director. Interestingly, a month or so ago, during his Twitter hiatus, Scott Derrickson made a cryptic post on Instagram showing Doctor Strange and teasing "See you in September." At the time, we speculated that this could mean the beginning of production on Doctor Strange 2. Well, it's September and Scott Derrickson has returned to Twitter. He also posted this Cape Fear reference on his Instagram with the same caption. I don't know what that means, but the tinfoil hat is definitely on and the hope is that this return to Twitter is prelude to some sort of exciting announcement, like perhaps Doctor Strange 2 taking Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3's place on Marvel's Phase 4 calendar.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated if Scott Derrickson is doing more than just messing with us. You can check out our guide for all the latest goings on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and hop over to the release schedule to see all the biggest movies still to come this year.

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