First Look At Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson In The Men In Black Spinoff

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' days of protecting Earth from aliens are over, but Sony is keeping the Men in Black film series with a new duo. Next year's Men in Black spinoff, a.k.a. MIB, will throw Chris Hemsworth's Agent H and Tessa Thompson's Agent M into the mix, relaunching this series in a manner similar to what Jurassic World did for the Jurassic Park franchise. Although MIB has been rolling cameras since July, until today we hadn't gotten a good look at the main actors suited up. Hemsworth has now rectified this by posting the below photo.

One can't be a proper Men in Black agent without wearing the right attire, hence why Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are looking quite dapper in this behind-the-scenes photo from the Men in Black spinoff set. And it wouldn't be a proper social media post without a few hashtags, including #revengers4life, calling back to Hemsworth and Thompson's time together on Thor: Ragnarok. It's good to see these two back together for MIB, although now I'm eager to see some official stills of them. With principal photography still going on, though, it's doubtful those will come out until the end of the year at the earliest.

In case the above photo wasn't enough for you, Tessa Thompson took to Instagram to share some other pictures from the same selfie session.

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For their second cinematic outing side-by-side, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson will remain Earthbound, though they'll still be interacting with various visitors from elsewhere in the galaxy in the next Men in Black installment. That said, unlike the original Men in Black trilogy, which was primarily based in New York City, MIB is said to have more of a global feel, with Agents H and M reportedly working at the clandestine organization's London branch. Hemsworth and Thompson had a great rapport in Thor: Ragnarok, so fingers crossed they can replicate that for MIB while still giving fans a different kind of dynamic from their predecessors, Agents J and K.

Along with our leading protagonists, MIB's main cast includes Liam Neeson, Kumail Nanjiani, Rafe Spall and Rebecca Ferguson, as well as Emma Thompson reprising Agent O following her previous appearance in Men in Black 3. The Fate of the Furious' F. Gary Gray is directing the picture, and Iron Man duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway penned the script.

MIB will be released in theaters on June 14, 2019, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for continuing coverage on its development. In the meantime, feel free to look through our 2018 release schedule to find out what's coming out for the remainder of this year, as well as our 2019 release schedule to see what else next year has in store.

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