Chris Pine's Nude Scene Intact After Outlaw King Cuts 20 Minutes

Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce in Outlaw King
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If you were hoping to see a bit more of Chris Pine in that Wonder Woman scene, look no further than Netflix's upcoming 14th century epic, Outlaw King. Since the film's premiere earlier this month at the Toronto Film Festival, many viewers found themselves distracted from discussing anything other than Pine's first full-frontal nudity scene. For Outlaw King's director David Mackenzie, he came away from the premiere with some harsh feedback regarding the movie's length of 137 minutes. Mackenzie decided to go back in and cut 20 minutes off the flick before its November release. Don't worry though... Chris Pine still bares it all in the new cut.

Outlaw King tells the story of a famous Scottish warriors in history, Robert the Bruce. He was the successor to William Wallace, who Mel Gibson portrayed in Braveheart-- who unified faced off against English sovereign, Edward I and unified Scotland in the early 1300's. But when it premiered in Toronto, director David Mackenzie could feel it not working in the theater, with his suspicions confirmed with critical reviews following. After notifying Netflix, Mackenzie told Deadline that he went right back to the cutting bay and trimmed some scenes he felt no longer necessary to telling the story.

As far as Chris Pine's nude scene, David Mackenzie said he doesn't understand all of the buzz surrounding it, explaining that it's just a bathing scene. Mackenzie said has featured a male full-frontal scene in most of his ten films such as in 2011's Perfect Sense and 2013's Starred Up. It is a bit of a talking point though, as women's bare bodies are seen much more frequently on film and television then men-- and it's a somewhat new move for Netflix. When Chris Pine was asked about filming the scene, he described it as "very cold" and on the side of a major highway. He decided to agree to film the scene because he felt it was in service of the character and the story.

The Netflix movie marks the second partnership between Chris Pine and David Mackenzie, who teamed up for Hell or High Water in 2016. The film was met with much acclaim, four Oscars nominations including for Best Picture. Although it's a Netflix production, the film cannot be recognized without a theatrical release, so Outlaw King will be available to see in movie theaters for a short time starting November 9 before hitting Netflix. Netflix will also release its Oscar contender, Roma in theaters before it becomes available on the platform.

After Outlaw King, you can see Chris Pine mysteriously return as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman 1984 and in TNT drama mini-series I Am the Night next. However his return as Captain Kirk in the next Star Trek film directed by Quentin Tarantino is still unknown.

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