Chris Pine Discusses His Full-Frontal Nudity In New Movie Outlaw King

Chris Pine in Outlaw King Trailer 2018

We've been hearing a lot about Chris Pine's next movie venture over the last few weeks. First we got a good look at the actor playing bearded historical character Robert The Bruce and then we were able to take a look at the first trailer for the movie. However, while the trailer was full of period costumes and fighting, there was one thing missing that we can expect to be a part of the final product when it hits Netflix: full-frontal nudity. Now the cat's out of the bag, or the dick's out of the box, Chris Pine is explaining what it was really like to film a scene naked for Outlaw King. He said:

There's so much beheading in this, and yet people want to talk about my penis. I think that says something about our society, where people can get disemboweled, but it's the man's junk that is of interest. It was very cold, and on the side of a major highway. Not exactly the elements I would choose myself.

Despite Chris Pine's apparent lack of fondness for talking about his penis, the actor did reveal that filming the scenes wasn't as comfortable as you might guess. Not only did he have to drop trou in front of people on the set, he also admits that while filming his nude scene it was "very cold" and also they were filming in a weird location next to a highway.

Speaking to THR at the Toronto International Film Festival, Chris Pine did say that he felt the nude scene was important, which is why he chose to go full-frontal in Outlaw King.

I wouldn't obviously do it if I didn't feel it was important. Underneath the Emperor's clothes is a mulling, puking little kid who was once upon a time just rolling around in the mud and a child. The idea that underneath every prime minister, and president, and ruling leader that we give power to is someone that is just an animal, and if you stripped all of that bullshit aside, they would be hunting and gathering, and fornicating and pooping. We're just base animals. I thought it was very important to see this man who's going to have power be an animal.

While some projects like Starz's Spartacus have previously embraced full-frontal nudity, the idea of a dude laying it all out there is still fairly novel, especially on TV. (Game of Thrones has also shown a fair number of dick shots, although Emilia Clarke has previously noted fans see way more boobs.) Netflix has embraced full-frontal a bit more than the average theatrical studio, as evidenced when Adam Devine also showed his penis in Game Over, Man!, also a Netflix original movie. So, although Chris Pine doesn't think it's a big deal he decided to get nude for Outlaw King, the fact that it's still a new-ish thing for Netflix or other at-home entertainment to be doing makes it a bit of a talking point.

While we'll have to wait for the nude scene in the movie, the scruffy beard Chris Pine sports in the upcoming movie is still worth taking a look at. Check out the trailer, below.

Netflix has been busy signing on for a slew of original movies over the last couple of years, and this year at TIFF the subscription streaming service premiered a slew of content, including Outlaw King, which is set to hit the streaming service on November 9. To see more of what Netflix has coming, take a look at our full movie schedule.

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