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Amidst a slew of PG-13 superhero films released every year, with sword-slashing violence and filthy word use, the Deadpool franchise has set itself apart. Breaking the fourth wall into an R-rating, the Deadpool movies have nonetheless done extremely well, and if anything, the more mature rating has provided a much-needed and refreshing shake-up in a drowning amount of comic book genre films constantly being released. After the explosive success of Deadpool 2 over the summer, Wade Wilson is reportedly returning to theaters this holiday season. However, this time he's inviting a younger audience along. Ryan Reynolds took to Twitter to tease the release and its hilariously perfect pop culture reference, obviously. Take a look.

Your eyes don't deceive you. That's Fred Savage back in the bed he sat in 31 years ago when his gramps told him the story of The Princess Bride in 1987. Deadpool is reading him a story (complete with a cute drawing of Juggernaut) instead of Colombo actor Peter Falk. The post is a bit cryptic, but it was posted just as Deadline reported that a PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 is coming to theaters on December 21. It seems a bit unconceivable to think the Merc with a Mouth is getting a re-release of his sequel within the same year, but considering its current place as the fifth highest-grossing film of 2018, giving Deadpool 2 a family-friendly encore is a great idea.

In Deadpool 2, Wade Wilson downright says it in the beginning of the film: it's a movie for the family. While technically this isn't true content-wise, the themes of the sequel point toward the idea of the importance of having or finding a family, and sticking by/protecting them. Each character deals with it throughout the film, namely Wade who is alone until he finds a young boy to protect. While it's certainly more of a comic book genre film then a family film, Wade has a point and now it looks like the studio is taking this concept literally. According to Deadline's report, for a limited time a younger audience can enjoy Deadpool 2, likely omitting some of the more violent and dirty-worded moments.

Just last month, Deadpool 2 got a home release, including the Super Duper Cut, which added an extra 15 minutes not included in the theatrical release. Even so, it would be interesting for fans to see how Fox does on cutting the movie into a PG-13 offering, and how it fares among them could be some kinds of a test to see if Deadpool has a future as a more family-friendly hero who could appear alongside other Marvel characters. Look out for a potentially less-naughty Deadpool 2 this holiday season, and catch it on Blu-ray and digital now.