Mark Ruffalo Apparently Dropped An Avengers 4 Spoiler During His Tonight Show Appearance

Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner in Avengers: Infinity War

In Avengers: Infinity War, Bruce Banner and the Hulk were going through major issues, with the former unable to get the green guy to come out and fight when the need was most dire. In real life, actor Mark Ruffalo is facing his own internal struggle as he continually fights to keep from spoiling MCU movies, a battle that he seems to be losing. The actor is appearing on this evening's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and it seems that during the taping, he dropped a spoiler for the eagerly anticipated and highly mysterious Avengers 4. Take a look:

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Don't be surprised if The Tonight Show's ratings show an uptick for tonight's episode. This just became mandatory viewing, or at least something worth DVR-ing and skimming through later. We all want to know what Mark Ruffalo's off the record slip was and what clues it might give us about Avengers 4. He could just be teasing, but this certainly wouldn't be the first time or the second that Mark Ruffalo, in charmingly clueless fashion, has let a spoiler slip about an MCU movie. The actor has thought he would get fired before, so he certainly needs to remain tight-lipped, and should a spoiler slip out, he needs to do everything he can to minimize how much it spreads and that's what we see here.

It may be too late to stop the signal though, at least if Jimmy Fallon's response is anything to go by. The host responded on Twitter that basically those birds have flown and that the final show has already been sent in. He does offer that perhaps the spoiler could be bleeped out if Mark Ruffalo is really going to get in trouble for it. So if you're watching the show and you hear a bleep in an odd place, find a good lip reader because there be spoilers there. Or curse words, one of the two.

Should he have really let an Avengers 4 spoiler slip, Mark Ruffalo can make a good case for overtaking Spider-Man actor Tom Holland asy the MCU's most notorious leaker. However, Tom Holland is much younger and newer to this whole thing, so perhaps there is a bit of leeway there. Mark Ruffalo is just comically bad at keeping secrets and even accidentally manages to spoil things, like when his phone was streaming a screening of Thor: Ragnarok to his followers, unbeknownst to him.

As far as what Mark Ruffalo could have spoiled on The Tonight Show is anyone's guess. According to the actor, the recent reshoots were actually finishing the ending to the film, which I'm sure is a closely guarded secret. There is a bit of a sense that Avengers 4 is even more secretive than Avengers: Infinity War. Given the way the latter film ended and the fact that we don't even know the real title to the Phase 3 capper, there's a lot to speculate about. I'd like to think Mark Ruffalo's tweet is really just a tease and we're actually getting the title on the show or a trailer, but it seems too early for that, and presumably there would be more of a buildup to such a reveal.

Avengers 4, like destiny, arrives in theaters on May 3, 2019. Check out our 2019 release schedule to see all of the biggest movies in next year's stacked calendar.

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