Anne Hathaway's A Star Is Born Review Is Super Heartfelt

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born

We've finally entered that season where many of the movies that will be awards contenders next year are being released. In the last couple weeks, A Star is Born has shown that it will likely be part of that bunch, having earned critical acclaim across the board. One of the movie's numerous supporters is actress Anne Hathaway, who took to social media to heap more praise onto A Star is Born. In her heartfelt review, Hathaway said:

Even being so excited about what's coming out, I want to really luxuriate in appreciation for A Star is Born. I saw this film back in August at the Venice Film Festival and I still walk around feeling lucky I was in that audience. This film surprised me in the best possible way; it even killed some cynicism that I didn't know had snuck into my heart. I loved it. I hope you see it.

Anne Hathaway has starred in a variety of films over her two-decade acting career, including awards-worthy fare like Rachel Getting Married and Les Miserables, but like most of the population, she also likes to watch movies when not on the job. Clearly A Star is Born left a big impact on her since she was willing to share her thoughts on the movie to her followers.

As Anne Hathaway noted, like many people, she has a tendency to love something, but then quickly get distracted by the next thing and not "fully digest" the previous experience. So for A Star is Born, although Hathaway saw it at the end of summer, she decided to highlight how much she enjoyed the movie now that the public gets to see it rather than leave it as yet another standard "consumption" of "great art." The actress also stated in her Instagram review:

We are so fortunate- a ton of worthy, excellent movies are going to come out between now and the end of the year, and our plates are going to become increasingly full. That said, I think A Star is Born is so special, so ambitious, so audacious and so brilliantly human that it shouldn't just be a news story for one weekend.

Usually when well-received movies are being advertised after release, the marketing team features words of praise from print and digital outlets. But with A Star is Born, maybe its team should consider spotlighting Anne Hathaway's kind words. Clearly the actress loved it, and she has a big enough fanbase that seeing her appreciation towards A Star is Born might convince some of those fans to check it out.

The fourth remake of the original, 1937 A Star is Born, this latest version, which stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (who also directed), follows in its predecessors' footsteps by following a veteran musician who takes a young, aspiring singer under his wing, and the two soon become romantically involved. The cast also includes Sam Elliott, Dave Chappelle and Andrew Dice Clay.

Don't forget to read CinemaBlend's review of A Star is Born and, if you've seen it, leave us your thoughts on it in the comments below. As for what else is hitting theaters before the year is over, head to our 2018 release schedule for that information.

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