Netflix's Set It Up Director Already Has Ideas For A Sequel

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Netflix has been steadily building a catalog of original movies over the past few years, and in 2018 the subscription streaming service has had some steady hits in genre movies. The latest example of this is Set It Up, a rom-com starring Zoey Deutch and Glenn Powell as two assistants who try to set their bosses, played by Taye Diggs and Lucy Liu, up to make their own lives easier. The movie has been a hit with subscribers, and director Claire Scanlon recently revealed she already has ideas for Set It Up 2, should Netflix come calling. Namely, she thinks that now Harper and Charlie have their happy ending, and Rick is looking to get back with his ex, it should be time for Kirsten to be lucky in love. Per Scanlon:

To me, what would be interesting to see is Kirsten. Where does she go next? The character Rick has clearly opened a door for her and made her realize, 'I'm worthy of a personal life and I deserve this. I'd love to see where that goes. Honestly, it's the Kirsten character that I would want to explore. There's a world out there that you would want to explore. It'd be interesting to see where it goes.

When last we left Kirsten--and SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY-- she decided to leave Charlie's boss Rick after both Harper and Charlie told her that Rick really didn't want to be with her and was using her as a means to make his ex jealous. Although Kirsten was a straight shooter and often a hardass in Set It Up, she was also shown to be a caring and honest human being. She deserves her own happy ending, and her fling with Rick really helped her to understand that for herself. As such, when I hear the director talking to Vanity Fair about what's next for the potential franchise, I can't help but hope that's the direction Netflix wants to go in, too. If Harper and Charlie can somehow be written into the plot, as well, I'm all for it.

Unfortunately, not everyone involved with Set It Up is wholly on the same page with Claire Scanlon. The director also mentions she spoke with the screenwriter Katie Silberman about a potential Set It Up 2, and Silberman also has an idea for a sequel, only her version would follow Harper and Charlie again attempting to play matchmaker by setting up a pair of their friends at a wedding. However, Scanlon says she is trying to disabuse Silberman of the notion, noting,

I was like, 'No, the sequel should be about Rick and Kirsten!' They're not getting together, but their respective relationships.

It's clear from these exchanges that there are a lot of different ways that a potential Set It Up 2 could go, so why don't you do us a big favor, Netflix, and go ahead and devote a wee bit of those billions you are spending on programming to bring us the romcom we need in 2019? I don't think it's too much to ask, really. If A Christmas Prince is getting a sequel, this one definitely has to, as well.

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