Even Hugh Jackman's On-Set Meltdowns Sound Delightful

Hugh Jackman pissed off in les miserables

Hugh Jackman generally seems like an affable guy, and Anne Hathaway basically confirmed his amazing agreeableness this week when she told an adorable story about the time she and The Greatest Showman actor worked together on Les Miserables and he had a meltdown. Well, of sorts. Speaking at the Hollywood Film Awards this weekend, Anne Hathaway revealed the time her co-star lost "his shit," noting,

In case you haven't noticed anarchy is the order of the day. So let's flip the script. I once saw Hugh Jackman, the nicest guy in Hollywood, lose his shit.

Apparently, director Tom Hooper put the cast through a grueling day emotionally and Hugh Jackman really couldn't handle it. While this sounds like it is about to be the story of an actor haranguing the rest of the cast or crew, that's not what it turned out to be. Even though Anne Hathaway said she and Jackman had reached a point emotionally "in that particular place only Tom Hooper or childbirth can get you," Hugh Jackman's idea of losing it is basically the politest thing ever. She said:

I knew I had to say something so I said, 'Are you okay man?' Hugh drew in a ragged, powerful breath, locked his gaze on mine and said through gritted teeth, 'Annie, it's a lot.' That's it, that's the worst behavior I have seen from Hugh Jackman.

If that's the worst interaction a human could have with Hugh Jackman, it's positively delightful. That said, working on Les Miserables sounds like it was a fairly tough production, with director Tom Hooper asking his actors to go to lengths to find unhappy emotional depths, according to what Anne Hathaway revealed at the Hollywood Film Awards (via USA Today).

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The end result, however, may have justified the means. The flick went on to win big at various awards ceremonies in 2012, even nabbing the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture in the Musical and Comedy category. Anne Hathaway also landed a Golden Globe win for supporting actress and Hugh Jackman won in the Best Actor category. On top of those wins, the flick landed big awards elsewhere, including wins at the BAFTAs and the Movie of the Year Award at the American Film Institute.

As for the Academy Awards, Les Miserables also shone. The film was nominated in eight categories, with Anne Hathaway winning again for Best Supporting actress. The flick also won Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Sound Mixing that year.

Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway haven't appeared in a movie together in the time since, but given the context of this story, she'd probably find working with him to be perfectly acceptable, at least compared to some of the other Hollywood hotheads out there. In the meantime, if you'd like to see what movies are hitting the schedule before the end of the year (and at the start of awards season), take a look at our full premiere schedule.

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