Harrison Ford Updates On Indiana Jones 5, Chris Pratt's Involvement

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Among Steven Spielberg's iconic '80s hits, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones is often at the center -- and the adventurous archaeologist isn't ready to call it quits just yet. After a polarizing comeback in 2008, audiences thought they'd seen the last of Indy. Then Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford announced plans to develop a fifth film for the franchise. However, Indiana Jones 5 has seen two full-year delays, currently putting its release at summer 2021.

A recent appearance by Harrison Ford at SAG-AFTRA Foundation Honors shed some light on the film's status. Here's how Ford responded, when asked about the start of filming:

I'm not sure yet, but we've got a script in production that we're all very excited about and looking forward to.

The Variety interview ended abruptly when Harrison Ford was asked if Chris Pratt would be joining the franchise:

I think it's him or me.

While it's certainly not a lot to go on, it's nice to know that is a script is moving forward -- and Harrison Ford hasn't lost his smart-mouthed charm!

Since Indiana Jones 5 was announced, it has seen delay after delay, with original plans for Dr. Jones to return to the big screen this coming summer. So far -- besides Steven Spielberg returning to direct and Harrison Ford set to star -- Solo: A Star Wars Story screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan has signed on to pen the script, replacing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull writer David Koepp. Crystal Skull is widely viewed as the franchise's weakest addition, so the replacement may have eased some minds. However, Solo was a box office disappointment -- for a Star Wars film -- despite fairly positive reviews.

As far as Chris Pratt goes, he was one of the actors -- along with Bradley Cooper -- in discussion among fans to take over the role if there was to be a new Indiana Jones. But if Harrison Ford is starring in the project, it's unlikely Pratt would also join the project -- hence Ford's funny comment. It's speculated that Indiana Jones 5 will be the actor's last appearance as the iconic character, potentially giving fans final closure for his story.

Since Indiana Jones 5 isn't currently scheduled to hit theaters until 2021, one can assume the project won't begin shooting until 2020. That should give the script ample time to develop before the July 9, 2021 release. Steven Spielberg will first move forward with his West Side Story remake, starring Baby Driver's Ansel Elgort as Tony, set to start production in summer 2019.

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