6 Weird Marvel And DC Santa Stories That Would Make For Fascinating Movies

Santa Superman Action Comics 105 DC

Christmas is a time for fun, silliness and maybe even a little magic. That's what the genre's films have taught us anyway, but unfortunately, there are few superhero flicks that feature the holiday's biggest mascot, Santa Claus. Luckily, the comics have featured plenty of collaborations between the character and DC and Marvel's greatest heroes that make a fascinating premise if not the next holiday classic.

Ok, perhaps that's a bit extreme, but nevertheless here are some of Santa's greatest encounters with superheroes that could (but probably never will) be made into movies.

Kris 'Crusher' Kringle Lobo Paramilitary Special Vol 1 Marvel

Lobo Vs. Santa

With the exception of Shazam!, DC's cinematic universe skews more towards dark interpretations of its characters. Of course, what could be darker than a tale that envisions bounty hunter and long-awaited anti-hero Lobo taking on Santa Claus in a fatal showdown? The bounty hunter goes after Santa or Kris 'Crusher' Kringle at the request of his rival, the Easter Bunny.

Now, we're well aware not even DC is dark enough to adapt a story where Lobo decapitates Santa and uses his list to shoot missiles at bad children. That said, there are those that have been waiting on Lobo to make a big-screen debut for so long, they may agree to anything at this point. Plus, it's worth noting the Santa Lobo took on really had it coming, so provided the film made that clear, it should be fine.

Santa Claus Infinity Gauntlet Marvel

Santa Gets The Infinity Gauntlet

The credits roll on Avengers 4 and the audience is wondering what will follow in the end credits. The Infinity Gauntlet is seen surrounded by snow and ice in a seemingly barren wasteland. Just before the scene ends, a red-mittened hand clutches the thumb of the Gauntlet and the scene cuts to black. The theater fills with the sound of an ominous "ho ho ho" and Santa Claus is positioned as The Avengers' next great enemy.

That would be the MCU taking some liberties of course, because Santa's intentions when he requested the Infinity Gauntlet were initially pure. He was just wanting it to deliver presents, but even he was corrupted when he witnessed its full power. Luckily, Namor pelted him with a snowball and all was well, but who knows what would happen with him not around in the MCU. Perhaps we'll find out if this tale is a part of Marvel's next phase.

Santa Superman Action Comics 105 DC

Superman Saves Christmas By Making Santa Drop Pounds

Far and away, this is one of the comic world's most bizarre classic adventures that involves Santa Claus. The adventure begins with Santa turning super fat due to strange chocolates given to him by a man intent on destroying Christmas. Disgraced by his waist, Santa cancels the holiday only for Superman to intervene and promises he can help out jolly old St. Nick.

Superman then proceeds to pummel the fat off Santa. Literally, he uses his phenomenal fists and gut punches Santa in an attempt to help him lose weight. Santa survives the onslaught only to be taken through a gauntlet of nonsensical weight loss methods, and he somehow loses enough weight to resume his duties. It's not a method we'd suggest, but a concept we'd certainly like to see someone try to have made into a movie in this modern era.

Howard The Duck Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel

Howard The Duck Meets Santa

Marvel hasn't found much use for Howard The Duck since his cameo appearances in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, so this might be an avenue it can pursue. Santa has had a couple encounters with Howard, the craziest of which being when he sold the rights to Christmas to Hydra. Santa decision was rooted in humanity's lack of belief in him, and possibly him not doing his homework on the awful things Hydra has done.

Howard The Duck, naturally, was worried the takeover would impact Christmas. This led to him teaming up with a bunch of mall Santas, and together, they talked Santa out of what would've been one of the most tragic events in Marvel. Sure, this one is just as cooky as some of the others on this list, but at least cooky works in the scope of Howard The Duck. Perhaps someone can suggest Lea Thompson pitch this idea to Marvel next?

Santa Marvel Holiday Special Marvel

Omega Level Mutant Santa

As we've mentioned in our Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas film pitch, Santa Claus does exist in the Marvel universe. Furthermore, the X-Men universe has classified him as an Omega-level mutant capable of powers beyond that of the strongest there are. Basically, Professor X should've just called on him in X-Men: The Last Stand, which could've made for an easier situation, and perhaps a slightly better film.

The first time Santa encountered other mutants, he turned the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants into toys and teleported the X-Men to safety. He then wiped everyone's memory and went about his life as the world's most powerful mutant. This is the best franchise for Santa to side with, given his immense strength and power. Plus, that mind-erasing trick could be used to fix problems it's facing with inclusion in the MCU, which would be a gift that keeps on giving.

Superman Bat Santa Superman: Yes, Tyrone, There Is A Santa Claus DC

Batsanta Vs_. _Supersanta

This one doesn't technically have Santa Claus in it, but it is a hilarious Christmas battle between Batman and Superman worth seeing in theaters. Clark is touched by a young boy who writes the Daily Planet and asks if there is a Santa Claus. Superman wants to dress up as Santa to surprise the boy, but Batman discourages it and points out he should have better things to do.

Superman agrees, but then decides he might as well drop off the presents he got for the young man anyway. The hero walks in on the family already receiving a visit from "Batsanta" who, as context clues might have implied, is just Batman in a Santa costume. An enraged Clark gets in a fight with his friend, and one family gets treated to a superhero throwdown that not even their mother's shared names can put an end to.

That's just some of our favorites, of course, and readers may post their own Marvel and DC santa-related tales they'd like to see on the big screen in the comments below. There's no idea that's too wild when the holiday season draws near, or we're that at least given December's Once Upon A Deadpool plans.

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