Michael Bay May Direct The Lobo Movie For DC

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Among the numerous "tough guy" heroes/anti-heroes who were popular in the comics during the 1990s was Lobo, the Czarian bounty hunter who considers himself to be the Main Man. Since 2009, there have been several attempts to get a Lobo movie off the ground, but to no avail. Well now it looks like this particular DC Comics project may be getting some new life, as Michael Bay is being eyed to helm Lobo's silver screen tale.

According to The Wrap, Michael Bay met with DC to look over the Lobo script that was written by Wonder Woman's Jason Fuchs, and Bay gave some notes on the story. Now the plan is for Fuchs to incorporate these suggestions into a rewrite, and once that's done, Warner Bros will show Bay the rewrite and see if a deal can be worked out for him to helm Lobo, which is reportedly being looked at as DC's answer to Deadpool. San Andreas' Brad Peyton was the last director lined up for Lobo, but it looks like the studio is now eager for Bay to come aboard.

Michael Bay is definitely no stranger to directing action-packed blockbusters, with his resume including Bad Boys, Armageddon and the first five Transformers movies. Now that Bay's time with the robots in disguise is over, evidently DC and Warner Bros are trying their hardest Bay to the DC Extended Universe to oversee Lobo. Of all the DC characters/teams that currently have movies in development, Lobo is the one that arguably fits in Bay's wheelhouse best due to the character's rough, over-the-top personality. A Lobo movie needs to be as as explosive as possible, and if we're looking at past experience, Bay is someone who's guaranteed to make that happen.

Although Lobo was introduced in 1983's Omega Men #3, it was his revival in the 1990s that led him to gaining hordes of fans. As the last member of the Czarian species (Lobo killed them all), Lobo spends him time riding around the galaxy on his space motorcycle to collect bounties, get into brawls and drink... a lot. His special abilities include super strength, a healing factor, immortality and a genius-level intellect. During the New 52, a skinnier, more refined Lobo was introduced who claimed to be the real Lobo, but that version was eventually tossed aside in favor of bringing back OG Lobo. Outside of the comics, Lobo has appeared in TV shows like Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League and Young Justice.

We here at CinemaBlend we'll keep you updated on how Lobo is coming along as more details come in. For now, learn what other DC movies are coming up in our development guide.

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