Idris Elba Had The Best Reaction To Running Into James Bond Actor Daniel Craig At The Globes

The situation with the James Bond franchise at the moment is a lot like the 'Distracted Boyfriend' meme. The fans are the boyfriend, ignoring the perfectly good Daniel Craig James Bond they have because they're distracted by the allure of a shiny new Idris Elba 007. Knowing this dynamic and the constant questions about if he will be the next 007, Idris Elba had the best possible reaction to running into current James Bond actor Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes. Take a look:

Awks indeed. For two actors best known for their more serious dramatic roles, they both deliver hilarious facial expressions here that perfectly sum up the Bond triangle they find themselves in. It's as if the Golden Globes ceremony was MI6 and Daniel Craig walked in to find Idris Elba with a shaken martini in his hand whispering something lewd in Miss Moneypenny's ear.

Daniel Craig is humorously staring him down as Idris Elba has a goofy sort of 'Whoops, you're still here' look of guilt and surprise on his face as he plays the other man, the guy so many people want to take over Daniel Craig's job.

He may not wind up being the next James Bond after Daniel Craig, but Idris Elba sure doesn't mind having some fun with the idea as he does here with this Twitter post from the Golden Globes. Also, while they probably won't be onscreen in a James Bond film, can we get these two actors together for a buddy cop movie please?

Now, while this run-in could be seen as current Bond meets future Bond, that actually isn't the case, at least not officially, not yet. Idris Elba has repeatedly denied that he is in talks to take on the role of the spy despite the overwhelming fan sentiment that he is the man for the job.

Before the casting of the next Bond can be addressed, the next film for the current Bond, Daniel Craig, has to come out. Given his comments over the years and his time in the role, Bond 25, which has been delayed and is now set to release in 2020, is expected to be Daniel Craig's last outing as 007. Bond 25, which has gone through no shortage of behind-the-scenes issues, including the departure of director Danny Boyle, will be directed by the man of True Detective season 1 fame, Cary Fukunaga.

At that point, maybe this awkward encounter with Daniel Craig and Idris Elba will prove to be prophetic and Idris Elba will get his shot to lead the franchise (or at least a one-off).

This run-in of the current James Bond and the people's hopefully future James Bond isn't the only thing that happened at the Golden Globes. Check out all of the funniest jokes and the big movie winners from the ceremony. For all of 2019's biggest movies, check out our release schedule.

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