Captain Marvel's Amazing Cat Goose Is Stealing The Show In Massive Banners

Visiting the 1990s of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, meeting a young Nick Fury and seeing the ultra-powerful Carol Danvers onscreen for the first time are all solid reasons to want to see Captain Marvel, but the real selling point of the film is Goose. Carol Danvers’ cat is the first pet in the MCU set to make an impact on a film, and he is already stealing the show. Check out Goose in some massive banners for Captain Marvel below.

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Look at him(her?), he's positively magnificent. This fantastic banner tells you absolutely nothing about the movie, and yet let’s you know with utter certainty that you have to see it. Goose clearly has the need... the need for speed, and is ready to go higher, further, faster in Captain Marvel. Goose’s cuteness is exceeded only by his coolness, and he is the height of cool in those aviator glasses, evoking the movie Top Gun where he gets his namesake.

This banner, spotted by someone on Reddit, is actually a clever bit of marketing as yet another way to sell Captain Marvel to audiences. Captain Marvel doesn’t have the name recognition or pop culture penetration that many of Marvel’s other characters do, so seeing her might not be enough to sell everyone. But a giant banner of a cat in sunglasses, that’s a movie you want to see.

Marvel knows what it's doing here, because cuteness sells. Cat videos are popular for a reason and people love their pets. Goose is poised to take the MCU cuteness mantle from Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot, and I fully expect ‘Goose’ to shoot up the rankings of most popular cat names after this movie comes out.

Goose being a prevalent part of the marketing in this way could be especially fun if Captain Marvel borrows from the comics in the way we think it might. In the comics, Carol Danvers has a pet named Chewie. While Chewie appears to be a cat, she is in fact a Flerken, a species of alien creatures that look like cats, but can travel between dimensions and have pink tentacles that come out of their mouths when attacked.

If Goose is indeed a Flerken like Chewie from the comics, Marvel has hidden his true nature in the trailers and marketing materials like this banner. That should make for a fun surprise when audiences find out that what appears to be just a cute cat actually has a lot more to him/her.

This Goose banner isn’t just a fun highlight of Captain Marvel’s marketing either. The word out of an early screening of Captain Marvel is that Goose steals the show in the movie itself, which is very exciting.

Captain Marvel opens in theaters on March 8 and is tracking at a $100 million opening weekend. Check out our release schedule to see all the other movies you can look forward to in 2019, and stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest movie news.

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