James McAvoy's Body Was Signed By Celebs At The Oscars

When you meet a celebrity, you may ask for a picture together to get those social media points. Or if you’re old fashioned, you might ask for an autograph. But what about when celebrities see each other? Well, apparently when they see James McAvoy, they sign his body, or at least that’s what happened at last night’s Oscars. Check it out:

Celebrities are just like us, only weirder. Apparently after James McAvoy presented, he was mugged by his fellow celebrities, who wanted to sign him because… reasons? He looks part aghast and part puzzled about the whole situation, even hilariously calling them “entitled graffiti mentalists” in his Instagram post.

Perhaps the other celebrities were treating the Oscars like the end of senior year and wanted to sign James McAvoy’s shirt as if it was his yearbook. Or maybe it was kind of like the end of a soccer game where everyone swaps jerseys, only here, they swapped signatures.

Or maybe, amidst all these well-dressed celebrities in their absurdly expensive designer fashions, some rogues, or thuglebrities as James McAvoy called them, saw a pristine, crisp white shirt and thought ‘I want to destroy something beautiful’ and attacked the Glass actor. And with red freaking Sharpies no less!

Now, assuming you don’t have an index of mirror images of celebrity signatures, you’re probably asking, who are these hooligans and criminals who defaced the personage of the great James McAvoy? The actor identified some of them in his Instagram post; their names are mostly familiar, and with their signatures on the crucial piece of evidence, it shouldn’t be hard for the LAPD to make the appropriate arrests.

Among the signees is James McAvoy’s girlfriend, Lisa Liberati, and his Atomic Blonde co-star, Charlize Theron. Apparently the ordeal she put him through in Glass wasn’t enough because Sarah Paulson also took a red Sharpie to the actor, as did Mr. Glass himself, Samuel L. Jackson. Other culprits include Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro and what appears to be Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson and her fellow MCU’er Michael B. Jordan.

We don’t know how many more signatures he got, but it turns out that this crime was an inside job and James McAvoy planned the whole thing. According to ET, the actor intends to auction the shirt off for charity, a spur of the moment idea that he described as “off the cuff and alcohol fueled.” It’s an admirable idea from James McAvoy and while he won’t win Best Dressed, his attire may ultimately be the most deserving of praise.

This isn’t the only thing James McAvoy deserves praise for, because he’s pretty great onscreen as well. Following his fantastic performance in January’s Glass, the actor has a big 2019 ahead of him. Next up he has what may be his final performance as Professor X in Dark Phoenix. After that, he plays the adult version of Bill in IT Chapter 2. He will also be a part of BBC and HBO’s His Dark Materials adaptation.

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