Will Goose The Cat Be In Avengers: Endgame? Captain Marvel Hero Is Everywhere Else

Goose the cat in Captain Marvel
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We have tons of burning questions in anticipation of Avengers: Endgame next month, but an unexpected one has recently been considered by fans of the MCU. Will Captain Marvel scene-stealer Goose the cat make a comeback in the upcoming film? The adorable Flerken did prove himself to have a "high threat level" in the recent release, and the universe could probably use all the help it can get after Thanos' snap.

Goose was already stealing hearts prior to the Captain Marvel release, as he showed his star power on massive character posters in movie theaters and billboards just about everywhere. Since the movie opened, the Flerken has been the talk of the film and Twitter town too, as the character received infectious smiles and "awws" during showings.

Goose turned out to be quite important to Captain Marvel as well. SPOILER ALERT Not only is the Flerken feline responsible for Nick Fury donning his iconic eyepatch in the future, but Goose also kept the Tesseract safe from harm in his mouth in the final act of the movie, before coughing it up on Fury’s desk during the end credits scene.

Goose has led fans to place the cat in Endgame themselves. Take a look at this marvelous piece of Photoshop work from Twitter user @andyvenom which has gone viral:

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There he is looking cute as ever, replacing all the faces of the Avengers stars in the most recent Endgame poster. Cats have quite the track record of playing well on the internet, so Goose being the star of memes following his introduction to the MCU isn't too surprising. But following Nick Fury's hilarious eye reveal, fans aren’t discounting the Flerken’s potential impact in Endgame if he does return.

Will he take on Thanos in Endgame? Maybe…. Here’s an idea from Twitter user @209Andres_:

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This is some startling evidence, Marvel fans. Could it be? Do Thanos and Goose have a history? It would certainly be hilarious if Marvel decided to give Goose a larger role or backstory like this in the established universe. Since Captain Marvel is set to lead the MCU moving forward, why wouldn’t her Flerken friend also make some big moves? Here’s another gem from Twitter concerning Goose and Endgame:

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Marvel Studios is even highlighting Goose in their marketing for the movie, still in theaters. Check it out:

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What could be telling is the studio’s decision to use the quote "Goose deserves a franchise." Will they cash in on giving audiences what they are publicizing that the cat deserves? Hopefully the character will at least get a spinoff (animated?) series in the future, perhaps on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

Goose is a character from the Captain Marvel comics named Chewie, though the filmmakers decided to change it to feel more distinctly from the ‘90s era. Flerkens can devour prey with their tentacle-like open mouths, which also contain pocket dimensions.

Do you think Goose will have a role in Avengers: Endgame to meet the rest of the team? Tell us in the comments below.

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