Jurassic Park's Laura Dern Is Clueless About The Shirtless Goldblum Memes

Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park

It’s pretty fascinating how the internet obsesses over certain movies and scenes, giving films second lives by repurposing them for all manner of content, from memes to gifs to videos. Sometimes this occurs with cult classics like Office Space and sometimes it happens to beloved blockbusters like Jurassic Park. In addition to still having major pop culture relevance, Steven Spielberg’s seminal 1993 film has provided the internet with plenty of meme fodder thanks to Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm.

In a scene in Jurassic Park, while recovering from the T-Rex attack, Ian Malcolm is laying with his shirt open in a seductive pose. This scene has become so iconic that it has received its own Funko Pop figurine and last year got a giant statue in London. Despite this pop culture prevalence, Jeff Goldblum’s Jurassic Park co-star Laura Dern is clueless about the memes. When told about the statue and the conversation around the shirtless scene, she said:

I think that’s hilarious! It speaks to a very successful narrative that is now a franchise, but gosh. Is he flattered, or is he defensive?

How Laura Dern has managed to go this long without coming across Jeff Goldblum shirtless memes is a mystery. Perhaps that’s what happens when you are busy starring in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and HBO’s Big Little Lies instead of browsing Twitter and Reddit. Even more wild is that no one asked her about it prior to Uproxx’s conversation with her. But now that she knows, the actress is clearly amused and surprised by it.

Upon finding out about all the internet love for a scene from one of her biggest movies, Laura Dern seems to have been legitimately curious about how Jeff Goldblum has responded to it all. It’s a caring impulse on her part, wondering whether Jeff Goldblum is flattered or feels self-conscious about all the discussion about his shirtless scene. She doesn't have to worry though, because as you might expect from the actor, he seems to enjoy the fandom over the scene.

I wonder if her curiosity compelled the actress to google all this after her Uproxx conversation and found her going down the internet rabbit hole of Jeff Goldblum memes.

Laura Dern also spoke about how the fandom of the Ian Malcolm shirtless scene is a product of the success of Jurassic Park itself, a film which spawned a successful franchise that has found new life in recent years. Addressing that iconic film and working with Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern also said:

Let me just say that he is one of the greatest improvisational actors ever, and he’s hysterical. So he does try everything, and Steven [Spielberg] enjoys this in actors, which is lucky in the confines of Jurassic Park, needless to say. All I know is that I felt privileged to be there, to be playing this kind-of radical feminist, paleobotanist badass, and [dissolves into laughter]. But I have no other opinion on the shirtlessness, I had no idea, that’s hilarious to me.

Jeff Goldblum’s improvisational hilarity is part of why he is so beloved and the shirtless scene may have been a product of that. The actor has spoken about the shirtless scene in the past and said that he doesn’t remember exactly and it may have been Steven Spielberg’s choice, but he thinks he opened his shirt because it was hot.

Whoever made the choice, it proved wise, as Jeff Goldblum is now immortalized with a shirtless pose that says 'paint me like one of your French girls.'

Laura Dern still sounds grateful to have been a part of Jurassic Park all these years later and to have played the kind of strong female character that many in the industry are trying to champion today. We haven’t seen that badass paleobotanist Ellie Sattler since Jurassic Park III but everyone wants to see her again and Laura Dern seems down to return, so maybe she will in Jurassic World 3.

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