Netflix's Murder Mystery Trailer Reunites Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston were last seen in a movie together in 2011’s romantic comedy Just Go With It. In that film, their characters got caught up in a web of lies while pretending to be married. It's a tough act to be sure, but nothing like what they will have to deal with in Murder Mystery. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston reunite for the Netflix action-comedy, which has just dropped its first trailer. Check it out below:

First, it must be said that I didn’t know we needed Adam Sandler with a ridiculous cop mustache, but I’m here for it. Although we’ve only seen them together in one other movie, the Murder Mystery trailer reminds us that Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler have good chemistry and a fun dynamic. Here Aniston plays the frustrated wife completely exhausted with her husband, and him as the perpetually disappointing spouse who puts in the absolute minimum amount of effort ("The boat does all the work").

They are taking their honeymoon 15 years late to try and find a spark in their listless marriage, only for that spark to come in the form of the film’s titular murder mystery. And while they’re in over their heads, perhaps his detective skills and her love of mystery novels will see them through and provide more than a few laughs along the way.

The premise of Murder Mystery is nothing new; whodunits are tried and true, and that’s because they are effective. Here, after an offer to spend the weekend on a luxury yacht so generous some might call it suspicious, Nick and Audrey Spitz wind up being framed for a murder of a billionaire. But rather than confine the film entirely to the yacht as the true killer is rooted out, Murder Mystery takes the characters on the run, bringing some action to the proceedings.

That action provides some of the trailer’s funnier moments. The part where we see that Adam Sandler’s detective is missing horribly while firing at a would-be assassin and getting yelled at by his wife for it is great. He clearly trained at the Stormtrooper School of Marksmanship. Also, between this and the new trailer for Men in Black: International, it’s a good week for right-hand drive car humor.

Murder Mystery also seems to be doing a light bit of satire of the whodunit premise. The inspector is your classic European detective you find in these kinds of stories, a Hercule Poirot-type character who is both brilliant and ridiculous. Adam Sandler’s Nick even yells out his Magnum P.I. fantasy while racing to a get in a Ferrari and escape their pursuers.

I don’t think it’s unfair to say that some of Adam Sandler’s movies in recent years have been… not great. You might even call some stinkers or “a Devlin,” as Jennifer Aniston’s character in Just Go With It would say. But Murder Mystery looks like a lot of fun. It’s got a solid premise and while it’s obviously still a comedy, it doesn’t look as inane and full of hijinks as something like The Ridiculous 6.

Murder Mystery lands on Netflix on June 14. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see what’s headed to the big screen this summer and for all your movie news keep it locked to CinemaBlend.

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