Grey’s Anatomy Star Wants To Be The MCU’s Shang-Chi

Alex Landi as Dr. Nico Kim in Grey's Anatomy Season 15
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When Spider-Man: Far From Home approaches theaters this summer, MCU’s Phase Three will officially close out and leave room for the studio’s future plans to be finally be revealed. Among them is a film for Shang-Chi, which will mark Marvel’s first central Chinese protagonist. The movie about the Master of Kung fu has a director and scriptwriter already picked out, but who will play the titular comic book character?

26-year-old Grey’s Anatomy actor Alex Landi is throwing his name in the ring! Landi is best known for joining the ABC drama in Season 15 as Dr. Nico Kim, but he is setting his sights on Shang-Chi. Here’s what he said:

The first Asian superhero for Marvel, that would be dope. That’s my dream role right there. Any role in that movie, I think, would be great.

The actor isn’t just talk, he also told Huff Post that he has a background in martial arts! Even if he doesn’t get cast in the titular role, Alex Landi will settle for any role in the film as well; he just wants to part of it. Shang-Chi will be opting for a primarily Asian and Asian American cast, so maybe he has a chance for his dreams to come true.

The Grey’s Anatomy regular has quickly risen in the ranks for fans of the series with his cute relationship with Dr. Levi Schmitt (played by Jake Borelli), who are the first gay male doctors on the show to share a romance in the show’s history. The couple are lovingly known as “Schmico” and their story will continue in season 16, following last week’s finale.

Alex Landi also recently earned a role on Netflix’s second season Insatiable, which faced controversy when it premiered last summer. Will he even have time to play Shang-Chi if offered the role? Grey’s Anatomy has not had problems with writing out other characters in the past for their other gigs if it happened, but it would certainly sadden Schmico fans.

Shang-Chi is set to be helmed by Short Term 12 director Destin Daniel Cretton and written by Dave Callaham, who created the Expendables franchise, wrote the story for 2014’s Godzilla, co-wrote Wonder Woman 1984 and has signed on to write the upcoming Into the Spider-Verse sequel. Shang-Chi was created in 1973 during the prime of martial arts’ popularity, as Bruce Lee ruled the scene.

Per his origin story, Shang-Chi lives out his childhood in a compound in China where he trains in the ways of martial arts before being sent out by his father on missions. However, he later learns his dad is a centuries-old villain known as “Fu Manchu” and “the Devil’s Doctor,” and the two become arch-enemies.

Considering Kevin Feige’s recent tease about the return of the Mandarin and the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi may also be dealing with them in the film as well. News of Phase Four can’t come soon enough!

What do you think about Alex Landi playing Shang-Chi? Would it be a good choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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