Is Grey's Anatomy Losing One Of Its Hottest Couples As Star Heads To Netflix?

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Ugh. Grey's Anatomy Season 15 just put several couples in a tight spot, but I'm not worried about Jolex. I'm irritated at the Jo Wilson Karev storyline, but I'm pretty sure Jo and Alex will get back together and start a family, etc. But I don't think the future is so bright for Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) and Nico Kim (Alex Landi).

Earlier this week, news dropped that Alex Landi had landed a recurring role in Netflix's (controversial) Insatiable Season 2. That set off some alarm bells in my head for aspiring ortho god Nico's storyline on Grey's Anatomy.

Theoretically, you can have a recurring role on two shows at the same time. But Grey's tapes in Los Angeles, with Insatiable in Atlanta. Still, even after this note from Alex Landi, I thought there might still be hope for him to do both:

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However, that was posted before the airing of Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 22, "Head Over High Heels." In that episode, not only did Nico apply for a new job in San Francisco, he was also a total jerk to Glasses, as a major red flag in that otherwise blossoming relationship.

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Even after Nico literally killed a guy -- making a mistake during surgery on a healthy 21-year-old man -- Nico still pulled himself together to do a Skype job interview for his dream position. Before doing that Skype interview, he made a nasty swipe at Levi, who had suggested Nico cancel the job interview because he wasn't in the right mindset after what happened. Nico basically said he knew that's what Levi would do because his whole life has been defined by failure, but that's not the case for Nico.

Nico's arrogance isn't particularly new -- for him, or for surgeons in general -- but it had a nasty edge this week. It's always been clear that Levi and Nico were at different points in their lives, but that's true of many couples on Grey's Anatomy. And they didn't even have the worst run-in of the episode, since Jo threatened to leave Alex, and Alex threatened to turn Jo in to Bailey if Jo showed up drunk at the hospital again.

But the difference is the strength of Jolex's longtime relationship vs. Nico and Levi, who were just getting started as a couple this year. They were one of the hottest couples, to me, and one of the only couples I was really getting invested in. Now I feel like I just have Amelia and Link -- who is not just A Safe Choice for her, and I don't like hearing him discussed in that way -- and also Koracick and Teddy. Teddy deserves better than Owen, even post-one-therapy-session Owen.

Put together, though, Alex Landi getting a new recurring job in Atlanta on Netflix, and his character Nico Kim applying for a new job in San Francisco, strongly hint that This Is It for Nico and Levi/Glasses. If true, I'm both sad and frustrated, but hopefully it means Levi comes back in Season 16 with a healthier (but equally hot, come on, it's TV) relationship.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 is NOT airing a new episode next Thursday, April 25, because ABC is covering the NFL Draft. The week after, Grey's is doing a special Station 19 crossover episode on May 2 to launch sweeps month.

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