Shirtless Jurassic Park Jeff Goldblum Has Been Made Into A Lego

Jeff Goldblum in an open shirt in Jurassic Park

The Jurassic World franchise has done a pretty good job of building on the tradition of success that was started with Jurassic Park back in 1993. However, for many, there's still nothing quite like the original Steven Spielberg movie, and so, those fans will probably be quite excited to learn that the original film is getting its very own massive LEGO set, and that it even includes a shirtless Jeff Goldblum minifig.

The new set is over 3,000 pieces large and runs for $250. It contains a trigger activated, Jurassic Park gate with the iconic massive doors, but the best part of the set might be the massive T-Rex you can build from LEGO. It also contains minifigs representing the characters played by Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Richard Attenborough, Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight and Jeff Goldblum.

On the back side of the gate are actually a series of scenes from the movie designed to allow you to place the minifigs inside them. There's a bank of computers for the Samuel L. Jackson figure to sit in front of. There's also John Hammond's dining room, and even a toilet to represent where the lawyer was eaten by a T-Rex.

There is also, of course, a place for your shirtless Goldblum figure to lounge and look sexy.

Shirless Jeff Goldblum LEGO

The image of shirtless Jeff Goldblum is one that has become elevated over the years and is now, if anything, bigger than the blockbuster movie from which it comes. Shirtless Goldblum is a meme. Statues have been constructed to commemorate the moment.

At first, the idea of seeing a LEGO minifig with his shirt open seems unbelievable, but then again, if you're going to make a figure out of Jeff Goldblum's character from the first Jurassic Park, just what else are you going to take as inspiration?

While making a LEGO set based on a movie that's over 25-years-old might seem a little odd, the fact is the LEGO is one of those toys that has become timeless. Building things with the bricks is fun regardless of what age you are and the licensed sets are incredibly popular with fans of the various properties that get incorporated. There are bound to be some serious Jurassic Park fans who will want to pick up this set even if they haven't built anything out of LEGO in decades.

Of course, if you have kids who actually want to play with this LEGO set, it has to be said that seeing shirtless Goldblum walk around and interact with other figures, especially any that aren't part of the Jurassic Park set, is going to look really weird since the figure perpetually has his shirt open.

The new Jurassic Park LEGO set will debut July 1.

Dirk Libbey
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