Russo Brothers Just Got Anthony Mackie This Cool Captain America Action Figure

Anthony Mackie has yet to play Captain America on the big screen, but the Avengers: Endgame directors already know what he looks like in his suit. Or at least they know what Sam Wilson looks like as Cap in an action figure they scooped up in Japan:

Nice! The Russo Brothers posted two photos from Tokyo, kind of spoiling what could've been a cool surprise gift for Marvel star Anthony Mackie, but that's OK. In addition to the action figure, they picked up a Marvel Avengers Series book on Sam Wilson as Captain America.

How do you think that action figure compares to the Sam Wilson as Cap fan art that quickly sprouted online after Falcon was named the new Captain America?

Avengers: Endgame ended with old man Steve Rogers asking Sam Wilson to step forward. With Bucky's apparent approval, Steve passed Captain America's Vibranium shield on to Sam. Sam went from Falcon to Captain America.

Anthony Mackie said he got the big Captain America news from Chris Evans himself, and they both cried some happy tears.

Most fans expected Avengers: Endgame to be Chris Evans' final film as Captain America, but many fans also expected Steve's BFF Bucky Barnes to be the next Cap. Marvel Comics has had both Bucky and Sam suit up as the next Captain America, and this time they went with the story where Steve retires and Sam picks up the shield.

Besides, Bucky has his own new title -- after The Winter Soldier, he became The White Wolf in Black Panther. Disney+ has a series coming up with both Sam and Bucky, so we can look forward to more stories from those two characters. They've only had a few scenes together in the Marvel films, but even when they weren't on the same page, they both still had love for Steve Rogers.

Sam and Bucky nod after Steve Rogers kiss in Captain America Civil War

Actors Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are also a blast together on the press tour. They usually have fun at Tom Holland's expense, and they'll probably find a way to continue that when promoting the new Disney+ show. Maybe throw Gwyneth Paltrow in there somehow too, so Sebastian Stan can introduce himself.

Anthony Mackie has a lot going on, beyond becoming the new Captain America. He's also the new Takeshi Kovacs for Netflix's Altered Carbon Season 2, which is expected in 2020. Plus, he just starred in a bold and brave episode of Black Mirror Season 5 called "Striking Vipers." And he has several movies listed as in the works, including Point Blank, Against All Enemies, The Woman in the Window, and The Banker.

Meanwhile, the Russo Brothers don't currently have any more Marvel movies on the books after Endgame, but they both produced and Joe Russo wrote Dhaka, starring Chris Hemsworth, which should be coming fairly soon to Netflix.

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