We All Love Thor 4's Title, Right?

There was a Marvel Hall H panel at Comic-Con today, which means there has been an incessant stream of news coming out. From huge castings to meaty information on the Disney+ shows, it’s been a lot, but honestly, to me, all of it is overshadowed by the title of Thor 4, which I absolutely cannot get enough of. Ready?

Here... We... Go... It's Thor: Love And Thunder. Check out the graphic Marvel dropped during the Hall H panel...

There are other people who will tell you the big news from Thor 4 is that Natalie Portman is going to play Female Thor. I get it. That's a huge deal that will have a dramatic effect on the MCU for years to come. Blah Blah Blah. Back to the title, though, look at how it's stylized! Look at how much fun it promises! Think about what this tells us about the tone!

I'm not sure there is anyone at CinemaBlend who appreciates Thor more than I do. I even love Thor 1 and don't hate Thor 2. He's, without question, my favorite Marvel character. Needless to say, I loved what Avengers: Endgame decided to do with him and was hyped to see how his story would continue. Maybe I'm reading too much into this title, but to me, I can just feel goofiness and hilarity easing out of everything related to the above graphic. I'm so in, and my assumption is everyone else is too, right? You're all fired up about this as well, right? Please tell me we're on the same page. Sound off in the poll below...

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Mack Rawden
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