Hugh Jackman's New Wolverine Post Reignites Ryan Reynolds Feud

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I wonder if Hugh Jackman got jealous. Ryan Reynolds just posted matching tattoo photos with Dwayne Johnson, complete with social media banter from the Hobbs and Shaw co-stars. It did make me wonder if Jackman had competition in the bromance department. And now lookee what we have here: Hugh Jackman trolling Ryan Reynolds again, blaming him for some minor injury related to Wolverine. First, check out the post:

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Hugh Jackman's Instagram post got many fans hoping he was returning to the role of Wolverine for a movie -- which was Ryan Reynolds' very pushy wish, and how this whole fake feud got started. But no. Don't get your hopes up.

Apparently it was just connected to Hugh Jackman's world tour. He is currently touring down in his native Australia. As fans noted in the comments, in his live show, Jackman mentions Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds. During last night's performance, he was reportedly pretending to be Wolverine when he cut his hand on a cymbal. (Hence the drum set emoji?) But that was his excuse to tag Ry-guy and restart their bromantic feud.

Ryan Reynolds was game to play along, adding this reply to Hugh Jackman's post, along with a swords crossing emoji:

I just don’t think you’ve been practicing enough.

Yes, Hugh Jackman had to know his post about playing Wolverine again would capture Ryan Reynolds' interest. It certainly didn't hurt that he tagged Ryan himself. So now Reynolds and fans are once again gently nudging Jackman toward bringing Wolverine back for another Wolverine/Deadpool team-up.

This has been going on for a long time, and it has yet to get old for me.

About a year and a half ago, Hugh Jackman called out Ryan Reynolds on Good Morning America, calling him desperate for pushing so hard to get Jackman to come back for a new Wolverine/Deadpool movie.

Ryan Reynolds has joked about Hugh Jackman being "selfish," and he posted a brutal "Ten Year Challenge" for Wolverine. Jackman posted a fake political attack ad against Reynolds, which was really a way to help promote Once Upon a Deadpool and support an anti-cancer charity.

They often do use this "feud" to promote each other's projects. On that note, the two X-Men Origins: Wolverine stars briefly called a "truce" earlier this year after Ryan Reynolds made a beautiful ad for Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee brand. However, the truce ended when Reynolds saw Jackman's own expletive-heavy ad for the Deadpool star's Aviation Gin. (Jackman has also offered Reynolds' wife Blake Lively free coffee for life for having to put up with her husband.)

Ryan Reynolds recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of the leaked Deadpool footage that got him his first solo movie with Fox. Now Deadpool, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four are headed over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- possibly/probably in Phase 5.

What about Wolverine? Don't count on Hugh Jackman returning to the role after Logan, unless it's for more behind-the-scenes gags with Ryan Reynolds. But never say never. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige may come up with an offer Jackman can't refuse. I'm just looking forward to more banter from the two stars, and maybe a non-superhero buddy movie at some point?

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