Hugh Jackman Hilariously Fired Back At Ryan Reynolds Before Once Upon A Deadpool Release

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have had a hilarious rapport with one another ever since they appeared together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine a decade ago. With the rise of social media, that rapport has gotten even funnier, as the actors can now troll each other across the digital landscape. The latest example of this is Jackman firing back at Reynolds ahead of Once Upon a Deadpool's release next month, which you can watch below.

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During his visit with MTV News, Hugh Jackman, a six-time MTV Movie Award nominee, took the opportunity to hit back at Ryan Reynolds political attack ad-style, accusing the Deadpool actor of riding his coattails. Jackman was generous enough to select Reynolds to deliver the "universally acclaimed, best portrayal of Wade Wilson ever," and as Jackman sees it, not only did Reynolds' career benefit from this, it's also the reason he was chosen to be People Magazine's Most Sexiest Man Alive, just a year after Hugh won that honor.

Ultimately this video is meant to plug Once Upon a Deadpool and how a portion of ticket sales for that movie will go to Fudge Cancer, the charity that's been temporarily renamed to fit in with this kid-appropriate version of Deadpool 2. However, Hugh Jackman provided extra incentive for people to see Once Upon a Deadpool: to ensure that Reynolds doesn't make another Van Wilder or Green Lantern movie. No doubt there are a decent amount of people who can get on board with this.

It's content like this that just makes me more disappointed that we're unlikely to ever see Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool team up properly in a movie. Reynolds has repeatedly expressed interest in making such a project happen, and at one point even suggested that Jackman simply play himself rather than Logan. Alas, Jackman once again shot down the idea of a Wolverine/Deadpool buddy movie last week since he retired as Wolverine in Logan, so we'll just have to keep enjoying their amusing back-and-forth with one another in real life as a consolation prize.

Looking to the near future, Once Upon a Deadpool is putting Deadpool 2 through a PG-13 lens, allowing the young'uns who couldn't see it in theaters earlier this summer to catch it on the big screen. This cut of the movie is also using a Princess Bride-like framing device, with the masked Wade Wilson "reading" the toned down story to an adult Fred Savage, who's been taped to his bed and forced to listen because he still emits "childlike innocence." Yeah, I'm not so sure about that one.

You can watch Once Upon a Deadpool in theaters from December 12 to December 14. Don't forget to also look through our holiday premiere guide to see what else is coming out next month, or get a head start on next year by browsing through our 2019 release schedule.

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