No, Thor: Love And Thunder’s Script Isn’t Completed

Thor in Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel's Phase 4 is a pretty epic collection of movies and Disney+ series, but one of the most anticipated items on the slate may be the final one. Thor: Love and Thunder is the last movie that Marvel has officially scheduled for release, and it's not coming out until November of 2021.

This made it a bit surprising when a rumor was going around claiming that writer/director Taika Waititi had already completed the script. Of course, if you thought you were shocked by the news, it's nothing compared to how Taika Waititi felt.

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It appears that any rumor that Thor: Love and Thunder has a finished script is more than a bit premature, as Taika Waititi says he hasn't actually started it yet. The tweet that Waititi calls out shouldn't get slammed to hard, that story only references a Deadline article which claims the script is done.

With the movie more than two years away, and Waititi only confirmed as the director of the new Thor movie just before San Diego Comic-Con -- though certainly it may have been a done deal for some time -- it seemed unlikely that the script for the movie would already be done. Even if you have a story in mind these things take time.

Of course, Taika Waititi can be a joker, so it's possible he's also exaggerating slightly here that he hasn't completed more than the title page. He certainly may have more of the script done than that, but it's certainly not completed.

While there may not be a script, there apparently is a story arc planned, as it was revealed at SDCC that Thor: Love and Thunder would see the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU and that Jane Foster would become The Mighty Thor. That means that Waititi has probably finished an outline of what the story will be, and he's now in the process of turning that outline into a functional script.

Of course, it's also possible that the writer/director really hasn't even thought about Thor much recently. He has a new movie, JoJo Rabbit coming out later this year and he has another project, Next Goal Wins, which he'll be directing before he even gets to Thor, so Waititi likely isn't in a rush to worry about Marvel right now with all this on his plate.

There's certainly no rush to get the script done. With a release date of November 2021 on the calendar, Thor: Love and Thunder doesn't need to go into production until late 2020 or so, which means we have about a year before the script needs to be finished. Once it is, pre-production can really get rolling once it's decided exactly what, and who, the movie ultimately needs.

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