Mythbusters Star Jessi Combs’ First Film Will Be Dedicated To Her After Tragic Death

interviewing monsters and bigfoot poster 2019

It’s been a few short days since we learned former Mythbusters star and “fastest woman on four wheels” Jessi Combs had died while reportedly attempting to break her own speed record. The 39-year-old was mostly known for her driving skills as well as her TV legacy, but now we’ve learned she actually filmed her first movie prior to her death.

The feature film, called Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot, will feature Jessi Combs in particular during a dialogue-filled scene, which was shot while she was driving and acting at the same time in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Director and producer Thomas Smugala revealed Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot will also be dedicated to Combs following her tragic death. He said:

This was her first feature film. We are dedicating the film to Jessi. She was a good friend and a wonderful person. We are also in the process of putting her on the poster and cover art before the release of the film.

Speaking to Fox News, Thomas Smugala revealed more about Jessi Combs’ role in the movie, noting the crew and the police in Cape Girardeau closed off streets in order for Combs to film her scene. It was the first time the reality star had tackled written dialogue, and Smugala also said he was advised by others not to give her the gig.

He has no regrets about signing on Jessi Combs on for her scripted acting debut, however, noting she was well-liked during her time on the Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot set.

Everyone loved her on set. The cops, the crew, the caterer — she took time to talk to everyone. She was the kindest and [most] uplifting person in the world. She was fierce. She was giving. She was loyal. She will be missed by all.

Combs’ most recent TV appearance prior to the fatal accident was an appearance in a 2018 episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Combs hosted Mythbusters inn 2009 and 2010 and was on Overhaulin’ from 2012 to 2014. Interviewing Monsters and Bigfoot will ultimately be her first and only big screen movie appearance. The Mythbusters cast and others have also paid tribute to Jessi Combs following her fatal accident.

The movie stars Les Stroud as a college professor who believes a mythical creature killed his wife. He’ll team up with a Big Foot hunter to prove the existence of the creature but will be foiled at every turn by Tom Green, who plays a forest ranger, government agencies and even a hoaxer. The movie is out on September 13.

A new version of the poster for the movie has been updated to include Jessi Combs, seen above.

The former Mythbusters and Overhaulin’ star was in Oregon this week chasing her own land speed record when her vehicle crashed. An investigation is still ongoing in regards to why the crash occurred, but we do know Jessi Combs was trying to break 500 mph in a jet-powered car to achieve a new land speed record at the time of her fatal crash. A fire allegedly may have come into play during the crash.

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