What Taron Egerton Could Look Like As MCU Wolverine

Who will play Wolverine in the MCU? No idea yet. Sounds like Wolverine and the X-Men are Phase 5 problems for Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige to solve. But since Hugh Jackman has said he's done as Wolverine (sorry, Ryan Reynolds), fans are curious about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will reboot Logan and company.

Taron Egerton's name has come up as a potential Wolverine, and he's said he's open to the idea but there have been no actual talks beyond fan speculation. Speculation is a fun way to pass the time before new projects, though, and Android phone artist The Main Man Creation took the Taron Egerton as Wolverine idea and turned it into a potential visual of how the Rocketman star could look in the role:

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I can't believe that was done on an Android phone. I have an Android phone. I can barely text on it. Anyway, nice job. I do think Taron Egerton looks kind of like Russell Crowe there, which is interesting since Crowe was apparently the first choice for Wolverine in X-Men. Just like Taron Egerton isn't everyone's first choice to play Wolverine, fans didn't even knew who Hugh Jackman was before he was cast as Wolverine in X-Men. Jackman only got the role after Russell Crowe turned it down and suggested his Australian mate.

Speaking of Hugh Jackman, Taron Egerton worked with Jackman in Eddie the Eagle, and they're still close. So in that way it might be fitting to see Jackman pass the adamantium claws on to his former co-star, as suggested in this other piece of art:

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Plenty of names have been bandied about to play Wolverine. We've already seen how Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and action icon Keanu Reeves could look in the role.

Jason Momoa said he'd love to play Wolverine. Kevin Smith was prattling on not too long ago about a Tom Cruise Wolverine movie potentially making a $1 billion.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefield weighed in on all of the Wolverine casting rumors and was not pleased with the suggestions (including Hugh Jackman's other recent co-star, Zac Efron). Liefield reminded everyone that Hugh Jackman was an unknown when he was cast, and that's apparently how he'd like the tradition to continue. It's not really his call, though. It's not going to be up to any of us.

The MCU is in a weird place right now, following the end of Phase 3, a new slate for Phase 4, and a potential future without Tom Holland's Spider-Man. It'll probably still be years before we meet the new X-Men on screen, however they may blend with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and his pre-existing universe from Fox.

Do you have an early preference for Wolverine? What do you think about Kingsman actor Taron Egerton in the role? Knee-jerk yes, no, maybe?

Gina Carbone

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