See What Daniel Radcliffe Could Look Like As Marvel's Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has hung up his claws for good, and the X-Men appear destined for the MCU. That means that sooner or later, someone new will likely play the most popular and recognizable X-Men character. But who? One surprising actor who could actually look the part is none other than Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe. Take a look below to see what the Boy Who Lived could look like as Weapon X:

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The notion of Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine seemed to be out of left field before seeing the image, but this fan art from Omelete shows that the idea isn’t as strange as it sounds. He may have played an innocent kid fighting evil in the Harry Potter movies, but Daniel Radcliffe certainly looks the part here of the grizzled mutant, no transfiguration required. He’s even got one of Wolverine’s favorite cigars to go along with his butterbeer.

It’s clear from this image how easily Daniel Radcliffe could adopt Wolverine’s look. The actor would have no problems rocking Wolvie’s hairstyle and his muttonchops or a full beard. He may be best known for his clean-shaven look in Harry Potter, but as he showed in Jungle, Daniel Radcliffe can grow a solid beard. And who needs the sword of Godric Gryffindor when you have adamantium claws?

If you still need more convincing of Daniel Radcliffe’s Wolverine candidacy, check out BossLogic’s interpretation of the actor in the role below:

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Yeah, I could definitely see it. BossLogic’s Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine fan art looks a little closer to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine than his fan art of Keanu Reeves in the role did. I also really like the lightning bolt-shaped cut, revealing the adamantium below, a very cool homage to another iconic character.

The one thing that these bits of fan art convey that could hold back Daniel Radcliffe as a potential candidate is that even with a beard and a grizzled look, the actor still has a youthful looking face. We are probably a long ways off from knowing what Marvel might be going for with an MCU Wolverine, but Logan is really old so you would think whoever plays him should be a bit older or at least older-looking than the rest of the team.

But as longtime X-Men producer Lauren Schuler Donner said, it is easier to do the bulking up the role requires the younger someone is. Also, these franchise movies like younger actors so they can play a role for a long time. Daniel Radcliffe is only 29, and that could theoretically allow him to be Wolverine for a few years. That is of course if he would even want another franchise role after spending so many years on Harry Potter.

The one thing these fan art images don’t convey is that Daniel Radcliffe is also rather short. The actor is only 5 feet 5 inches tall. That makes him much closer to the 5-foot 3-inch Wolverine from the comics, than the 6-foot 3-inch Hugh Jackman. So if Marvel wanted to hew closer to the comics, Daniel Radcliffe is about the right height. Of course, as we learned from Hugh Jackman, the right actor is more important than how well he physically fits the part.

Who will be the next Wolverine is probably the most speculated fan casting for a comic book movie, eclipsed only by who will be the next Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie. No doubt there will be lots of fan casting and rumors before Wolverine shows up in an MCU movie, but for now you can add Daniel Radcliffe’s name to the list of intriguing possibilities.

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