A-Rod Got Jennifer Lopez A Stripper Cake To Celebrate Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers

In the theater, a bouquet of flowers is often given to an actress following a performance as a sign of congratulations. But movies are not plays and Hustlers is not The Phantom of the Opera, so it demands something different, something special and that’s exactly what Alex Rodriguez delivered for his fiancée. A-Rod got Jennifer Lopez a stripper cake to celebrate the release of her new film Hustlers. Check it out:

Jennifer Lopez's Hustlers Cake

Flowers are nice, but A-Rod really went above and beyond to congratulate Jennifer Lopez on Hustlers. The actress shared clips of the former baseball star’s thoughtful gift to her Instagram story, showing off an elaborate cake that fits the occasion perfectly. Hustlers is a movie about a group of strippers who turn the tables on their Wall Street clients and so, A-Rod got J.Lo a stripper cake, as is appropriate.

This purple and pink cake has it all, a pole, silhouettes of dancing strippers, glitter and even edible cash. You’ll notice they aren’t singles either like you might expect to find at an actual strip club, A-Rod has money, he can spring for the edible $100s. And lest you think this is a stock cake that you can just buy at your local supermarket, it’s customized, wishing J.Lo congratulations on her movie and displaying the title.

It honestly looks like the kind of ultra-fancy custom cakes that you’d find at a wrap party for a big production, but this cake was just a gift from Alex Rodriguez to honor his future wife’s big movie. Since I’m assuming he didn’t bake it himself, unless his talents extend well beyond the baseball realm, I’m guessing he had a cake shop make it for him special.

How does that conversation go? ‘Hi, I’d like to order your finest stripper cake please.’ ‘Umm, you mean where the stripper pops out of the cake? We don’t really do that kind of thing here.’

Eating strip club food might be a dicey proposition, but I don’t think this cake strives for that level of authenticity because it looks like it probably tastes as good as it looks. In addition to the cake, A-Rod also surprised J.Lo with some frosted cake lollipops. The actress got into insane shape for Hustlers and that probably meant abstaining from this kind of food, so she must be thrilled to get to actually get to eat this cake.

In her Instagram Story video, a grateful Jennifer Lopez also showed off a note from A-Rod congratulating her on the movie and those congratulations are certainly in order. Hustlers didn’t beat IT Chapter Two in its opening weekend, but it did open above expectations to $33.23 million. The reviews have also been hugely positive, with a lot of praise going to Jennifer Lopez’s performance in particular.

Hustlers is now in theaters. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the other big movies headed your way this fall.

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