Jeff Goldblum Knows Which Of His Movies He'd Explore For His New Disney+ Show

The World According To Jeff Goldblum
(Image credit: (Disney/National Geographic))
(Image credit: (Disney/National Geographic))

Oh, Jeff Goldblum – what an icon he’s become! Starring in classic ‘90s flicks such as Jurassic Park and Independence Day may have been enough to propel him to stardom on its own, but he also has a one-in-a-million personality that continues to keep fans intrigued, on top of his intriguing acting career. Soon, his charisma will be front and center as he hosts his own National Geographic television show coming on day one of the Disney+ streaming service’s launch.

The World According To Jeff Goldblum will see the actor and jazz musician travelling to unexpected places all over the globe to find out greater truths about seemingly simple objects. The episodes will explore things such as sneakers, ice cream, denim and barbeques, but through the eyes of Goldblum. Expect unpromptu purring, singing and pondering.

It’s an exciting concept, so when I had the chance to sit down with Jeff Goldblum at the recent Disney+ press day in Los Angeles, I was curious how he might expand the show to the exciting worlds of his movie career. Check out what he had to say:

Right back at ya, Goldblum, what an interesting and inventive answer! The actor had some great ideas here that could fit well into his new show for National Geographic. First off, he’s interested in exploring the world of Wes Anderson’s stop-motion film Isle of Dogs. In the 2018 flick, he plays one of a pack of banished dogs named Duke in dystopian Japan. He was immediately intrigued by Japanese culture and the treatment of dogs and animals in the world. I’ll note “Dogs” for a potential Season 2 episode title. Sounds like a heavenly combination!

Next up, he delved deeper by talking about his 2018 independent movie with Tye Sheridan, The Mountain. The film follows a young man (Sheridan) who recently lost his mother and ends up traveling with her lobotomy doctor (Goldblum) to asylums all around. Mental health is certainly a vastly important issue to cover and seeing The World According To Jeff Goldblum address it in one shape or form is an inspired idea.

And of course, Goldblum couldn’t end an answer like this without the mention of Jurassic Park! As he gears up to reunite with original cast members Sam Neill and Laura Dern in Jurassic World 3, he talked about how the fantasy science world of the franchise would be an interesting place to discover in his Disney+ show. Talk about breaking the fourth wall if Goldblum hosted a show about dinos for his new series!

If you too were entranced by Goldblum, here’s exactly what the World According to Jeff Goldblum host said to CinemaBlend:

Isle of Dogs was good. Japanese culture. I’d go as myself, I’d plop myself down in the middle of that and find out about dogs. How we treat generally all creatures on the planet. How is our animal cruelty treatment going? Japanese culture, all of that. I'd like to find out about that. Hey, how about The Mountain? I did that movie. It’s about lobotomy and mental health and how we address mental health. I’d like to actually find out about that, and the American story and how sometimes we go haywire with narcissism or quick-fixery or assembly-line-ism. I’d like to explore that more. Jurassic Park! Oooh, there’s some science in there, some fantasy science but there’s some real genetics. I’d love to find more about that.

Thank you for asking, my soul is still spiritually in that room with Jeff Goldblum! Anyway, the World According to Jeff Goldblum will be an exciting addition to Disney+, alongside The Mandalorian, the live-action Lady and the Tramp, and tons of Disney classics, coming out on November 12.

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