Jessica Chastain Had A Powerful Reaction To Joaquin Phoenix In Joker

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Despite the controversy surrounding it and all the various hot takes, the majority of people who’ve seen Joker, whether they liked it or not, seem to agree that Joaquin Phoenix gives a masterful performance as the Clown Prince of Crime. This praise is not limited to just comic book movie fans and critics either, Joaquin Phoenix’s fellow actors also took notice. IT Chapter Two star Jessica Chastain admits that she had a powerful reaction to Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. Take a look:

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If I had to guess Beverly Marsh doesn’t get shook easily but watching Joaquin Phoenix’s performance in Joker was enough to do it. Jessica Chastain’s reaction to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was one of open-mouthed awe. She found the performance to be literally jaw dropping and as the dark film did for countless others, it left her shook. That kind of powerful reaction speaks to Joaquin Phoenix’s talents and why so many were excited to see him as the Joker in the first place.

As you can see, Jessica Chastain was responding to praise for Joaquin Phoenix from fellow actor and the Kingpin of Crime on the Marvel side of things, Vincent D’Onofrio. He obviously saw Joker and was clearly a fan of Joaquin’s Joker. He said that Joaquin Phoenix deserved recognition for his performance, which one imagines he may get come Oscar time. Jessica Chastain agreed and took her praise a step further.

Jessica Chastain didn’t mince words and said on Twitter that Joaquin Phoenix as Joker is one of the greatest pieces of acting she’s ever seen. That’s some seriously high praise that doesn’t leave much room for interpretation. I don’t know how many movies Jessica Chastain has seen, but I imagine at least a couple and she’s been in quite a few herself. And although her and Joaquin have never shared the screen, she’s acted opposite some very talented people as well.

The actress knows a thing or two about good acting too. She’s a great actress in her own right and has been nominated for two Academy Awards for the craft she and Joaquin Phoenix share.

The respect and admiration of one’s peers is for many actors the greatest measure of success one could hope for. Joaquin Phoenix certainly had this already but Joker has made that clearer than ever. Whether he’ll even see this praise is another matter, as the actor, predictably, has no social media presence. Maybe he’ll be recognized during awards season, although he has made his negative feelings about the Oscars known in the past.

Jessica Chastain’s powerful reaction and high praise is just another feather in the cap of Todd PhillipsJoker, which is now the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, with over $850 million worldwide.

Joker is now playing. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see what other blockbusters and potential awards contenders are headed to theaters the rest of this year.

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