After Bird Box, Sandra Bullock Is Heading Back To Netflix For Another Movie

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

Of all of Netflix’s original movies, few have made a splash in the way that Bird Box did. Millions of people saw the Sandra Bullock film, which gained a foothold in pop culture, inspiring memes, a bit of controversy and all manner of stupidity. While a sequel isn’t on the way just yet, after Bird Box, Sandra Bullock is heading back to Netflix for another movie and it doesn’t sound like she’ll have to wear a blindfold the whole time either.

The Oscar-winning actress is headed back to the streaming service for a new untitled movie from German director Nora Fingscheidt and Bohemian Rhapsody producer Graham King. Nora Fingscheidt recently made her feature debut with System Crasher, an award-winning film that will serve as Germany’s entry in the 92nd Academy Awards next year. She will direct Sandra Bullock, who will also produce the film, based on a script by Mission: Impossible Fallout writer-director Christopher McQuarrie.

According to Variety, the drama scripted by the Oscar-winning screenwriter is about life after prison. In it, Sandra Bullock’s character is released back into society after serving time behind bars for some sort of violent crime. When she gets out, she finds that society is unwilling to forgive her past transgressions and even former friends and peers judge her harshly.

Unable to escape her past and start fresh, Sandra Bullock’s character will seek some sort of redemption. To do that she will need to find her estranged younger sister that she left behind when she went away.

Although not exactly, it’s a story not unlike Sundance TV’s Rectify, which was about a wrongfully convicted death row inmate who returns to his hometown and must live with the stain of a crime he didn’t commit. We don’t yet know what crime Sandra Bullock’s character went to prison for or if she really did it and if so, why. Regardless, she may not be wearing a blindfold this time around, but she’ll still be stumbling around in the dark trying to escape the stigma of her past.

Bird Box may have been popular, but it was certainly not a critical darling. In contrast, Sandra Bullock’s next Netflix movie has all the makings of a prestige drama and is the type of material that an actress of Sandra Bullock’s caliber can really sink her teeth into. Although I haven’t seen System Crasher, the amount of awards it has won internationally speaks well of director Nora Fingscheidt. And a script by Christopher McQuarrie is a damn good starting point for any movie.

There is no word as of yet when this post-incarceration drama will be released or any other casting information, but we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime check out our Netflix Premiere Schedule to see what’s headed to the streamer the rest of this year.

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