Jason Momoa Was Asked Where Aquaman Goes To The Bathroom, And His Answer Is Fantastic

Arthur Curry smirking at his foes

There’s a scene in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats where Jason Lee’s Brodie asks Stan Lee a bunch of questions about superhero sex organs and bodily functions. Along that same line of great, unanswered superhero questions is the mystery of where Aquaman goes to the bathroom. Well, the actor who plays Arthur Curry in DC films, Jason Momoa was asked that very thing and his answer is fantastic. When asked where Aquaman goes to the bathroom, Jason Momoa responded:


My Man! Was this part of the Snyder Cut? Sometimes you need someone to ask the tough questions and get to the bottom of pressing issues. The people need to know and this hard-hitting bit of journalism comes courtesy of Kelly Clarkson’s kids on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Kelly’s daughter River wanted to know where the ocean-based hero goes to the bathroom and Aquaman himself was happy to shed some light on the topic.

Where does Aquaman go to the bathroom? The same exact place fish and the kids at your local community pool do: in the water. It’s a fantastic answer that is both obvious and correct. Aquaman is based in the ocean, so of course he goes to the bathroom everywhere. Why wouldn’t he? I mean what would even be the alternative?

Even if Atlanteans had a designated place to go to the bathroom, they’re underwater so they’re still swimming around in it no matter what. Even if they swam up to the surface every time or could vanish it like wizards at Hogwarts, they’re still in an ocean full of fish pee. I imagine Aquaman may duck behind some seaweed to handle his business for discretionary purposes, but let’s be real here, this dude is probably peeing his pants right?

Maybe those Aquaman pants help facilitate that in some way? Regardless, consider the tactical advantage that being able to pee everywhere provides. Aquaman doesn’t need to look around for a bathroom when there’s a mission at hand, nor does he need to worry about it while battling Orm underwater. Think about the time he saves!

Superman can’t do that, he’s got to wait for Jimmy Olsen while at the Daily Planet. Batman may be able to travel quickly using his Batmobile, but he’s still got to find an available bathroom and you’ve got to imagine the public toilets are an absolute nightmare in Gotham City. I suppose Green Lantern can go everywhere when he’s in space at least.

You know how in shows like 24 or really any movie or TV show, especially action ones, we wonder when these characters are finding time to go to the bathroom? Well, Arthur Curry could technically be peeing in any underwater shot in Aquaman and we wouldn’t even know. Pretty gross stuff.

You can see Jason Momoa give his hilarious answer, as well as answer a question about a certain attractive redhead in the video below.

It will be a while before we see the superhero who goes to the bathroom everywhere on screen again as Aquaman 2 doesn’t arrive until December 16, 2022. But you don’t have to wait that long to see Jason Momoa. The actor is currently starring in the Apple TV+ series See and next year he is part of the star-studded cast of Dune, which hits theaters on December 18.

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