Newest Snyder Cut Image Is All About Jason Momoa’s Aquaman

Jason Momoa in Justice League

I must admit, while I fully expected to still be talking about Justice League two years after the film's release, I never imagined it would be in this context. At this point, it seems nobody is talking about the film itself, the theatrically released movie that is available for all to see. Instead, we're still talking about the movie we may never see, the mythical Snyder Cut, the version of the film Snyder might have made had he been able to direct post-production himself.

Fans are still obsessed with this version of the movie, and a large part of the reason is that Zack Snyder keeps feeding them. Recently, Snyder rewarded one particularly dedicated fan, known as TheNiceCast on Twitter, with an image of Jason Momoa that the world had never seen. Luckily, the fan himself was more than willing to share the shot with the rest of us. Check it out.

Jason Momoa in deleted Justice league shot

The image itself isn't particularly wild or impressive. It's just Jason Momoa in a still shot that could be something out of a clothing catalog. The image was meant simply as a thank you from Zack Snyder to a fan who has shown support, but it's yet another in a long line of shots and movie details the director has dropped over the last two years, continually teasing fans with what Justice League might have been.

It feels like, at this point, we could practically assemble everything Zack Snyder has released and build the Snyder Cut ourselves. And that might be necessary. While the interest from a segment of the fan base has never wavered, we've seen no indication that Warner Bros. has ever even considered releasing Zack Snyder's version of Justice League.

Still, it doesn't mean it won't ever happen, and the fan base that wants it is showing little sign of getting tired. They'll continue to call for the Snyder Cut and if we don't see it, it feels like we could continue to see the demands for it for years to come.

Certainly, as long as Zack Snyder continues to show support to those showing him support, these two sides could feed off each other for a long time. Certainly, the fact that Snyder continues to drop images, concept art, and other pieces of material gives the fans hope that the "Snyder Cut" could happen.

While fan support matters, any plan to produce the film will be based on a belief at Warner Bros. that there are enough people willing to spend money on it, it also needs those people high enough on the food chain to champion the idea. That's where Zack Snyder can come in. It's unclear how much work would actually need to be done to make the Snyder Cut a reality, it sounds like a great deal of the work has already been done.

This certainly isn't the last story we'll be writing about the Snyder Cut. There is surely more material Zack Snyder has, and he's not showing any signs of slowing down in releasing it. If anything, it feels like it's all only increasing in frequency.

We may not really have the ability to assemble the Snyder Cut ourselves right now, but I'm not convinced that day won't come.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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