How Much Backstory The Cast Of 6 Underground Knew About Their Own Characters

Ryan Reynolds in 6 Underground

Michael Bay is back on familiar ground with 6 Underground, a new over the top action movie that recently debuted on Netflix. As the name implies, there are a lot of characters for the film to juggle. In trying to make each character unique within the team, you might expect that each one had a somewhat detailed backstory in order to help flesh out the characters, but it sounds like that's not entirely the case.

CinemaBlend's own Cody Beck got to speak with the cast of 6 Underground and he asked them about the backstories of all of their characters. Whats interesting, is that it seems not all of the actors had the same experience when working with director Michael Bay on creating their characters. While some felt there wasn't a great deal of character development in the film, it's a Michael Bay action movie after all, others appeared to have deeper experiences with the characters. Check out their responses in the video below.

Ryan Reynolds says that he likes to put a backstory together for his character, but in the case of 6 Underground, he found that director Michael Bay largely threw out the work that he had done. Adria Arjona apparently overcame this issue with the director, or has done so in the past, by simply not discussing the backstory she had created with anybody. It's certainly one strategy that works.

For them, it seems that character backstory was of little to no importance, Reynolds even jokes about that. It's a Michael Bay movie, it's not about deep character portrayals, it's about things blowing up.

And yet, it sounds like Corey Hawkins and Mélanie Laurent and very different experiences working on 6 Underground. Hawkins says that 6 Underground was an attempt by Michael Bay to move back into "character work" and as such, backstory was important, if only because there were ways it was placed in the movie for possible exploration later.

It sounds like maybe there were some ideas of backstory placed in 6 Underground more than any real details that were created, places where a story could fit if there's ever a reason to follow up on it.

Of course, for following up to be a thing that happens 6 Underground will need sequels and that seems like a tall order. While Netflix has been more than willing to give multiple seasons to several of its series, films have yet to see any sequels. There are plans for a Bright follow up but that movie has yet to fit into Will Smith's schedule.

If enough people watch 6 Underground on Netflix we could certainly see a follow-up, but since that's not common practice for Netflix yet, there's really no idea what is necessary to make something like that happen.

6 Underground can be viewed on Netflix right now.

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