The 6 Underground Cast Has Some Excellent Ideas For Which Actors They Want In A Sequel

6 underground cast back for sequel?

6 Underground, the latest film coming from prolific director Michael Bay, just hit Netflix in recent days. If you haven't streamed the film yet, the high octane movie gives Ryan Reynolds, Corey Hawkins and co. a lot of room to verbally spar, in between crazy action sequences of course. The movie involves bad guys, magnets and more during its two hour+ runtime, oh and yes, it conveniently sets up for a sequel.

The whole point of 6 Underground is that a team of "ghosts" -- not literal ghosts but real people who have made themselves ghost-like by faking their deaths -- have decided to take on hard missions to help out countries of the world when governments have not. In fact, the new movie has the team of six taking on a bad leader who is ruling by fear and even gassing people to death, much to the chagrin of his own brother.

It's a premise that could be repeated and is even teased as a franchise during the movie's runtime, and if you ask Ryan Reynolds, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Adria Arjona, they have some pretty fun ideas for who could round out the team.

Speaking to CinemaBlend's own Cody Beck, members of the 6 Underground cast rounded out their fantasy casting for if 6 Underground were to add another team member to a potential sequel. (I say potential as one has not officially been greenlighted yet.) If you ask Ryan Reynolds, he'd like to hang with Brad Pitt on set, and maybe even give Pitt's Vanisher X-Force character a go as part of the team. Although that wouldn't fit in with the somewhat grounded nature of 6 Underground, I can dig it.

Adria Arjona actually looked toward another Netflix project, citing Oscar Isaac's Triple Frontier character as a potentially good addition to the 6 Underground team, and now instead of thinking 6 Underground 2, I just have all kinds of ideas for a crossover movie in my head. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo also cited Ryan Reynold's Deadpool 2 co-star Josh Brolin as a good option.

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This is all a fantasy exercise, and a fun one, but what's not a fantasy is that Netflix is seemingly setting up 6 Underground as a potential franchise. (And minor spoilers in this paragraph!) There's a scene early on in the movie where they talk about nine targets they have on the board and the one they plan to take on first. The end of the movie also teases more about the characters' personal lives, including Ryan Reynold character One's family. So, the movie is definitely set up in a way where there is more to explore.

Ultimately, we won't be seeing Brad Pitt play Vanisher in a potential sequel because that crosses franchises and studio properties in a way that doesn't make sense. However, given the budget power Netflix put behind 6 Underground, there's no reason to think major names like Brad Pitt, Oscar Isaac and Josh Brolin might not eventually be interested.

There's a lot of "what if" here, but a lot of potential too. And hey, after this weekend's Star Wars release, Oscar Isaac should have room in his schedule for another big budget franchise. He can just squeeze it in after Dune. Just sayin.'

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