Sounds Like Frozen II’s Idina Menzel Is Down For More Sequels

Elsa in "Into the Unknown"

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Spoilers ahead for Frozen II.

Since the original movie hit theaters in 2013, Frozen has remained a pop culture sensation. The movie's generations of fans were treated to another adventure in Arendelle, including new hit songs and a fair share of exciting plot twists. Frozen II broke new ground as a sequel that got a full theatrical release, but could there be more movies in the future? Elsa actress Idina Menzel seems down to return.

Idina Menzel has had an impressive career on the stage and screen, but her role in Frozen made her a bonafide household name. Frozen II was a big movie for Elsa, and seemingly wrapped up the story of the two sisters. But when asked if she'd return for another Frozen sequel, Menzel was quoted saying:

I can see a Frozen 3. I can see a Frozen 3, 4, and 5, it’s whether they want to make them. I’m happy to be involved.

It looks like she's not ready to let it go. Sorry, I had to. But this is quite the update, as Idina Menzel would be happy to reprise her role as Elsa in yet another Frozen movie... or three.

Idina Menzel's recent comments to Parade are sure to excite the generations of Frozen fans out there. Frozen II made some drastic changes to its characters, and has made an insane amount of money at the box office. Clearly the interest in more sequels is there, it's just a matter of whether or not the filmmakers would be interest in a threequel and beyond.

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Plot wise, there does seem like plenty of threads to pull from if filmmakers Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee decide to continue the Frozen franchise with another sequel. The movie ended with the two sisters in drastically different places. Elsa left the throne to live outside of Arendelle, protecting the enchanted forest. Meanwhile, Anna becomes the Queen of the kingdom, ruling the people. The latter character also got engaged to Kristoff in the sequel, so their dynamic should be quite different as well.

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But there's no guarantee of another Frozen, and we haven't gotten any indication of the filmmakers intending to move forward with the franchise. What's more, Frozen II's Alfred Molina maintains there are no plans to move forward. In her interview interview, Idina Menzel spoke about the creative process of the writer/director team, saying:

What I find so commendable is that the creative team waited a really long time to make sure that they had the right story and weren’t exploiting it just for a sequel. They really waited until they had the right ideas and formed them and took their time with that, and I believe that that’s why it’s equally as good.

It looks like Elsa and company won't be returning to theaters unless the story really calls for it. But if Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee make that call, then Idina Menzel would be the first one signing up to reprise her role in another animated blockbuster. We'll just have to wait and see how it all shakes down. In the meantime, Frozen II is cleaning up at the box office.

Frozen II is still in theaters now, as well as Idina Menzel's live-action drama Uncut Gems. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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