Is Frozen II Better Than The First Movie? Idina Menzel Thinks So

Elsa in Frozen II

There’s no denying that Frozen II has been a global smash hit - at least, from a financial standpoint. Whether or not the film is as good as its predecessor (or even good at all), however, is a topic that has definitely been up for debate. And Idina Menzel has a controversial opinion on that matter -- she believes Frozen sequel is actually better than the original.

The actress and singer, who voices Queen Elsa in both films, recently spoke to Billboard’s Pop Shop Podcast about a range of topics. And naturally, the conversation turned to the music in Frozen II. And she shared that for her, the sequel is superior, at least as far as the songs are concerned:

I would just go on the record saying I think that this film is better than the first. I do, I love it, you know? … I just, I love it. I love 'Let It Go,' obviously; it's one of the great gifts of my life to have this song and this character in my life and what it represents and how it's allowed me to connect with audiences all over the world. It's changed my life. But I actually really enjoy -- except for the really high note that's going to give me problems on a day where I have a cold -- I've loved singing ['Into the Unknown']. It makes me wanna cry, it gives me goose bumps when I listen to the underscore of it, the rolling bass line and the rhythm and everything. I just love it.

Idina Menzel explained what drew her to the emotional power ballads in Frozen II, and credited the movie’s songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, with focusing on the right elements when it came time to creating the successor to “Let It Go.”

I like the song even better, to be honest, and then there's another song at the end of Frozen [II] called 'Show Yourself' that I have that I think is beautiful. And I just, I really commend the Lopezes, because they come from story first. It wasn't about trying to write another big hooky melody. They wanted to make sure that this furthered the story properly and that they deepened and enriched these characters and helped them evolve into the young women that they are. So they always come from story first, which is why I think then that they are so successful.

Though some may argue that “Let It Go” is irreplaceable, her arguments in favor of both “Show Yourself” and “Into The Unknown” are persuasive. And at least on this point, most seem to agree with her. Despite some tepid reviews, critics and fans have noted that the soundtrack is one of Frozen II’s standout accomplishments.

Which leads me to ask. Did you enjoy 2013's Frozen with its big, bombastic "Let it Go" ballad, or do you prefer the music in Frozen II?

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Katherine Webb