A 'Cruel' New Star Wars Promo Is Upsetting Rise Of Skywalker Fans

Kylo Ren in Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker
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This article contains major spoilers for the conclusion of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Please wait to read any further if you have yet to see Episode 9.

Since The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters last weekend, fans have been having heated discussions about the various choices made in the movie. There’s a disturbance in the force amongst the fandom and with the filmmakers behind the movie itself. And it certainly doesn’t help when promotional videos fan the flames. Check out this one below:

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First off, this promo from @StarWarsUK is really spoilery! It’s all about showing images of Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren as the tweet reads “his journey comes to an end." It implies his death for those who haven’t seen it yet. For those who have, if the responses to it are any indication, fans are still sour about how his “journey” concluded. Here’s one reply to the short clip that was echoed by many others:

Thanks for twisting the knife in our gut, @StarWarsUK. Cruel and heartless. #BenSoloDeservesBetter #BringBackBenSolo

Other responses call the advertisement for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker “rude” and “sadistic." One fan called the ending the “most unsatisfying ending I’ve ever seen in any film." Hashtags saying “Ben Solo deserves better” and “Bring back Ben Solo” ran rampant in the replies. Sounds like the official Star Wars account spoke too soon.

Let’s get into some more fan thoughts. Why are they unsatisfied with the death of Kylo Ren? He became Ben Solo again, saved Rey and therefore redeemed himself, right? Check out this one:

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All fans wanted was a happy ending for Kylo. They may have felt he was the Skywalker the title suggested and wanted to see him redeemed in a bigger way. Fans are voicing their disappointment in seeing more of Rey and Kylo’s relationship play out as well. In another fan’s words:

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There certainly was a ton going on in Rise of Skywalker and many expectations flurrying in the heads of fans for years. The movie had a tough goal to wrap up an over 40-year saga. There are a lot of characters in play in the movie. Fans of Kylo Ren felt slighted by his conclusion. (Rose Tico fans are livid too!) Perhaps his story concluded too rushed for fans to feel like his arc was complete.

Honestly, the Star Wars account probably could have posted anything and fans would have responded in this fashion. Rise of Skywalker is an incredibly divisive Star Wars movie. The filmmakers expected it to play out as such too. At least we can all bond over Baby Yoda’s adorableness on The Mandalorian!

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