Vin Diesel Is 'Grateful' Ahead Of Fast And Furious 9's Trailer Release

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious

It seems unlikely that 19 years ago anybody was expecting a movie about drag racers with a side gig as thieves to become one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, and yet, that's exactly what happened. The Fast and the Furious spawned seven additional sequels and a spinoff, and now, we're only a few days away from getting our first look at Fast and Furious 9, or whatever it will end up being called.and Vin Diesel wants the fans to know he's grateful for the support of the Fast family, which includes everybody from the studio to the fans.

Vin Diesel took to Instagram recently and announced a couple of things. Mainly, that he is incredibly happy that the Fast and Furious series has received such love and support, but he also confirmed that the first trailer for the next installment in the franchise is on the way, so we'll all get to see what's next very soon.

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The image attached to the post probably takes fans back. It's Vin Diesel and co-star Michelle Rodriguez together in what must be an image from the days surrounding the first film. It's the perfect accompaniment to any statement remarking on the longevity of the Fast and Furious franchise. Can you believe they once looked that young?

Diesel says he hopes that they make everybody proud with the new movie. Considering the last couple films have broken the $1 billion mark at the global box office, there are a lot of fans that need to be made happy.

Expectations for Fast 9 are pretty high all things considered. Although, Vin Diesel is a big part of the reason for that. He's been playing up just how big the new movie is going to be, especially the role being played by franchise newcomer John Cena. Diesel has also talked up the trailer itself, saying he was blown away by it.

While the movie is expected to be massive and over the top, the same can also be said for the release of the trailer itself. The current plan is for the trailer to debut at a Road to F9 concert that will take place in Miami on January 31. That's just a couple days prior to the Super Bowl, so it seems likely that the trailer will be shown then as well. Whether the trailer will hit the internet in between, at least in an official capacity, remains to be seen. It will almost certainly show up in a bootleg form, but that's part of why an official release could also happen.

Several years ago, three more Fast and Furious film were conformed, that will bring the franchise to the nice round number of 10. With the ninth film in the bag, there's just one more Fast and Furious film confirmed, although, additional spinoffs are always possible, and if everybody involved is still interested and the fans keep coming back, the possibility for even more in the main series is always there.

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