Netflix And Movie Trailers Of The Week: Lamp Life, Irresistible, And More

Bo Peep talking to Woody in Lamp Life

Another work week has gone by, as the end of 2020's first month finally draws closer. Every week comes with a slew of exciting entertainment news, most of which is reported right here on CinemaBlend. This includes a slew of new trailers, which are hoping to drum up excitement and anticipation for each new release. This includes projects that are heading to the movies for full theatrical runs, as well as as streaming content that will be available on Netflix, Disney+ and so on. This week was no exception, particularly for the streaming services.

Movie making is ultimately about making money, and getting audiences in theaters or streaming is the goal. This is where marketing comes in, as well crafted trailers can really help increase hype ahead of release. There are plenty of projects coming down the pipeline, with Netflix in particular continuing to shell out original movies at a quick pace. Check out all the trailers you might have missed below, including one very special Disney short.

Disney+'s Lamp Life

Disney got in on the streaming game with the launch of Disney+ a few months ago. And in addition to being the home for the House of Mouse's various projects and franchises across the decades, Disney+ also came with its own original content, with more coming down the line. Disney+ has original movies, TV content, and even shorts. Forky Asks a Question gives Toy Story 4's Tony Hale his own continued adventures, while Lamp Life is an upcoming short that will shed a light on Bo Peep. With Annie Potts once again reprising her role, the upcoming short will reveal what happened to Bo Peep between her departure from Andy's house, and eventual reappearance in Toy Story 4. Originally a deleted scene from the last Toy Story, Lamp Life will be available to stream on Disney+ on January 31st.


it's no secret that we live in very political times. The tension out there in the world of politics is palpable, and TV and movies have reflected that dynamic of society is a result. Enter Irresistible, which is written and directed by the iconic Jon Stewart. The upcoming comedy features an ensemble cast, and focuses on a Democratic political strategist Gary (Steve Carell) who has his eye on the mayoral position of a small town. Not for himself, but for a retired veteran named Jack (Chris Cooper). But his plan isn't going to go over easy, and the trailers teases the many misadventures of the campaign trail. The unlikely duo will have to contend with Rose Byrne's Faith, who will stop at nothing to beat Gary. Also featured in the cast are Mackenzie Davis, Topher Grace, Will Sasso, Natasha Lyonne, and Debra Messing. Irresistible will hit theaters on May 29th, 2020-- months before the midterm election in the U.S..

Netflix's Horse Girl

Buckle up, because this one looks like a doozy. Horse Girl is an upcoming psychological drama that will soon make its way onto Netflix after debuting at Sundance. Directed by Jeff Baena (The Little Hours), Horse Girl follows a disturbed young woman named Sarah (Alison Brie). While the beginning of the trailer shows her co-workers and roommate being kind to her for her birthday, things soon take a dark turn. It becomes clear that Sarah is an unreliable narrator, and is suffering from mental health issues. Her night terrors/sleepwalking find her waking up in mysterious places, and things go further off the rails. The movie looks like a sensory experience, with a cast that is rounded out by Molly Shannon, Jay Duplass, and Stranger Things' John Reynolds. Horse Girl will arrive on Netflix February 7th.

Netflix's The Last Thing He Wanted

As previously mentioned, Netflix is not kidding around when it comes to distributing original movie content. Next up is The Last Thing He Wanted, which is a political thriller based off the book of the same name. The movie primarily focuses on Anne Hathaway's protagonist Elena McMahon, who is a journalist for the Washington Post. While attempting to report the news, she accidentally becomes involved in Arms Trading thanks to a mysterious favor asked by her father (Willem Dafoe). The trailer is dizzying and exciting, and shows that Elena will be getting herself into all sort of dangerous situations. The other protagonist in the movie is Ben Affleck's Treat Morrison, who works for the U.S. Government. The supporting cast also includes Rosie Perez and Treat Morrison. The Last Thing He Wanted will become available to stream on Netflix February 21st.


Horror fans get ready, because this looks like a thoroughly fun theatrical ride. Virvarium is directed by newcomer director Lorcan Finnegan, who also helped write the story. The trailer focuses on a young couple Tom and Gemma, played by Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots respectively. The two visit a new housing development, before deciding the unit they were shown wasn't for them. Unfortunately, they can't seem to find a way out of the maze of houses. That's when the you-know-what really hits the fan, and the Vivarium trailer goes off the rails. It becomes clear that they're being kept there, as food and supplies are in the house but no one can be found in the maze-like neighborhood. Things get even crazier the burn the house to the ground, only to find a baby boy to raise. I have no idea what's going on here, but I can't wait to figure it out. It's currently unclear when Vivarium will hit theaters.

Netflix's Miss Americana

Didn't I tell you that Netflix had a strong week in trailers? The whopping third trailer to arrive from the massive streaming service is Miss Americana. The upcoming documentary directed by Lana Wilson follows pop culture sensation Taylor Swift. The trailer reveals an intimate look at the young star, who has already spent so much of her life in the public eye. We watch as she grapples with the underbelly of the music business, and the silencing Swift experienced throughout her career. The upcoming documentary will watch as she continues her career and latest album, while finally using her platform to engage in politics. Oh, and she also drops an F-bomb for perhaps the first time on film. Miss Americana will be available January 31st on Netflix.

Clearly there are a ton of very exciting movie projects coming down the pipeline, including a Toy Story short that is sure to break the hearts of the fandom. Netflix had a particularly dominating week, showing how the streaming service will continue to push out original content-- both TV and film. These efforts seem to have paid off recently, as Netflix projects accrued a ton of Academy Award nominations this year. Be sure to check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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